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If you can not close your eyes,

Vimto, the British fruit juice brand, calls out to young people, mostly in the 15-19 age range. This brand, known for its different stance, comes with a job that speaks their language to the world of adolescents who want to differentiate themselves and push their boundaries in their last campaign.

Advertisement agency Quiet Storm 's first campaign for the brand, "I See Vimto in You" aims to give a message beyond what the young target kit expects from an ad. The basic strategy of the campaign is that young people feel a pressure to act like something they do not have. But all they want is to be recognized and accepted. The brand is also touching this individuality.

Advertisement An Opposition Ad

The ad, which has been broadcasted on TV, is in a position of opposition to the advertisement. An ad that closes its eyes to viewers and tells them to watch the ad; rewarding audiences with various funny faces. The ad speaks with the letters that appear on the screen to those who keep watching after they say "do not watch me" at first.

After pummeling the spectator with the words "I love you, I love you", he entertains him in the comic or weird klepper parade.

The person who has closed his eyes is not only the audience who does not listen to music; silly characters and colorful images. The text on the screen says that you are special and that you need a drink like Vimto instead of a boring soft drink, saying, "You would listen to the words and avoid all those things that would cover your eyes."

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Quiet Storm executive creative director Trevor Robinson says that every brand has a bit of fun while emphasizing individuality, saying that Vimto can not dare to do what he does on this campaign

The campaign interacts with the target audience on different circles. Campaigns are supported with different but complementary practices in media such as cinema, digital, experimental, social media, press


Creativity Director: Trevor Robinson, Matthew Mifsud
Creative Team: Quiet Storm Creative
Planning: Jon Howard
Customer Relations Director: Jenna Hayward
Advertiser: Vimto
Creative Agency: Quiet Storm , Jonathan Dale
Agency Producer: Dan Healy, Alex Aziz
Director: Trevor Robinson
Production Company: Quiet Storm

Visual: YouTube

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