The map showing the meaning of cities'

Maps does not have to be boring all the time. The map Atlas Obscura The map created with song names Song Map The map showing where the world will start digging from a point Antipodes Map Another informative and entertaining map work came from the tourism company On The Go Tours. This map shows what the names of the major cities in different parts of the world mean.

191 names of cities and their meanings

The Interactive Map of On The Go Tours 's Literal Translations Of Cities Around the World shows the meaning of the names of 191 major cities around the world. You can see the meanings of the cities as if you were holding a magnifying glass when you were walking on the map. You can also find city names from the list below; people, nature, animals, emotions, man-made things and other options. At the bottom, the "view all data" function will direct you to the Google table where all the data about city names are found.

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Ankara "anchor", Ashgabat "love city", Tehran "modern"

Ankara is also listed on the map. The dictionary is described as "anchor, ship iron". By making a small review, I list some of the most popular cities on the map for you along with their dictionary meanings

Amsterdam: the dam over the water
Ashgabat: the city of love
Athens: the beach
Baghdad: from Allah
Baku: the windy city
Budapest: Water-January
Buenos Aires: Beautiful winds
Bucharest: City of happiness, happiness
Dublin: Blackpool
Shower room: Monday
Los Angeles: Angels
Minsk: Market place
Moskva: The capital city of the capital
Copenhagen: Traders' port
Jerusalem: Holy place
Nicosia: White city of the gods
Nayrobi: Cold waters
Beijing: Capital city in the north
Prague: Gateway
Rio de Janeiro: January (river)
Rome: Strong
Singapore: Lion city
] Sofia: Wisdom
Vienna: White castle
Tehran: Modern
Tiflis: Ilıcalar
Tokyo: Eastern capital

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