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Wage inequality between men and women is a topic that is very much on the agenda these days. Many brands and organizations are working on this issue and are working on studies to reduce the gap. One of the areas where wage inequality is often seen is sport. The women's and sports-oriented platform EspnW also prepared a campaign to highlight the difference between male and female athletes in terms of investment, reward, salary and sponsorship.

Campaign named "Inequality Balls" by the advertising agency Africa for EspnW; aims to bring about inequality in the sports world. The promotional film, which was prepared for the launch of the project, featured famous Brazilian athletes. The film included volleyball players Jaqueline Silva, Virna Dias, Betina Schmidt and Camila Brait; names such as footballer Alline Calandrini and Marisa Cintra.

Inequality Statistics Shown Different Balls

Within the scope of the project, besides filmin, there are special production basketball, football, volleyball and handball collectibles. Penalty, Brazil's largest producer of sporting goods, and the Netshoes trade association, Latin America's leading internet sales platform in the field of sporting goods, show the statistics of inequality in sport using two different colors representing two genders.

The birth of the Inequality Balls project is based on a survey by a British journalist named Sporting Intelligence. The survey, conducted in 2017, examined 29 different leagues and 465 teams from 9 different sports in 16 countries and looked at the fees they received. The outcome of the study is a huge gender cliff. Female athletes earn 40% less than men. They get the prizes 1 in 30 of the men. Sponsorships are 50% less.

The bulls also point to these exact results. For example, when we look at the basketball ball, we see that female basketball players earn up to 1 in 96 male players on an equal footing. The soccer ball shows that the average wage of a male player is equal to the average wage of a team of 20 women. The ball of handball shows that women in Europe have an average of 34 thousand dollars and men are given millions. Even in sports like tennis, the cliff is big. The volley ball, on the other hand, points to a prob- lem beyond the numbers, emphasizing the sexist approach between men and women volleyball.

The profit from the sale of the bulls will go to profit-seeking organizations that work for the empowerment of women like Think Olga. The website prepared for the project provides more detailed information on the subject.

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Creative Director: Bill Queiroga
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Creative Director: ESPN
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