Bethesda finally releases a trailer for Starfield

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Bethesda eventually confirmed the rumors he'd like to make for a space adventure game written over a long period of time. A trailer has been released for the Starfield game, which the studio has been working on for years.


Bethesda continues to be on the agenda with news that will add smoke to the lake in E3 2018. The company, which announced Fallout 76, presented its first detailed statement about Starfield, which is expected to be so ambitious and hiding as secret until now.

Starfield, the most original serial for the past 25 years, was a project that Bethesda has been focusing on for years. By this time, a limited number of leaks had become a phenomenon in the game world. We will probably hear a lot more information about Starfield in the coming months. This time it will be Bethesda directly, not the spills.

The first official trailer for Starfield is as follows:

As you can see, these images are not only an official announcement of the game, but also a history and other explanations. Apparently, all we have to do is come up with a solid space adventure and science fiction series. Cinematic music also draws attention immediately

The trailer that we see in a space station revolving around the world will be a production that will talk about the human journey in the distance. Bethesda's announcement, Todd Howard, said that "Starfield is a game we have been thinking about for years and that we have been working on for years," and voiced their enthusiasm for presenting the game.

Unfortunately, we do not have much detail about the game. After this, the eyes will be in the explanations made by Bethesda with the ears. Starfield could be an epic production, perhaps months, perhaps years later.







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