Believed to be Falcon 2100 Year Old Mummy Dead Baby Was Born

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It turned out that an ancient Egyptian mummy, thought to be a long-time falcon, was actually a severely handicapped fetus.

The 2100-year-old mummy, believed to be a hawk, was actually a handicapped fetus. C: Maidstone Museum UK / Nikon Metrology UK

Detailed micro-computerized tomography scans revealed that the mummy was a family tragedy almost 2,000 years ago: a male dead born child between 23 and 28 weeks of gestation. Moreover, it has a rare genetic disorder called anencephaly in which the brain and skull do not grow properly.

This misrepresentation in the Maidstone Museum in England, called 'EA 493 – Mummified Hawk Ptolemaic Period', was discovered in 2016 when the museum decided to scan a woman's mummies CT and at the same time scan 'EA 493' and other animal fungi output. It was then understood that this little mummy was a human fetus.

However, CT scans were tentative and Nelson worked with the Museum and Nikon Metrology (UK) to do micro-CT scanning: a micro-CT scan is an extremely high-resolution screen format that does not require any damage to the mum

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Nelson then set up an interdisciplinary team to examine and interpret images in the highest resolution scan of the fetus mummy.

The images showed feet and fingers in very detailed form, but a skull with a lot of deformity also appeared.

"The top of the skull did not form. The bones of his spine were not closed. The ear bones were on the back of his head. "

In places where the brain would normally grow, there were no bones to shape the edges of the skull. In this individual, this part of the skull never occurred, and probably no real brain.

This is one of the two mummies with the known anencephaly (the other was found in 1826) and one of the most worked fetus mummies in history.

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Nelson recently presented the team's findings at the Extraordinary World Congress on Mummy Studies in the Canary Islands.

The research also gives important clues about the mummy's mother's diet. Anencephaly may be due to lack of folic acid found in green vegetables – and it is believed that fetuses have a talisman as a talisman, so it raises new questions about whether or not there is mummification

"It could have been a tragic moment when a family lost their babies and gave birth to an abnormal looking child. So this was a very special individual. "

University of Western Ontario. (2018, May 31). Micro-CT scans show 2,100-year-old 'hawk' mummy a stillborn baby: Mummified fetus had anencephaly. ScienceDaily.


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