Be good like "water": do good without care


"The greatest goodness is like water: every good thing in the water, water makes this good carelessly. It flows in places where people despise; so the Road is closer.

The water makes the bed of the bed fruitful; goodness in the heart is generous in friendship, trustworthy, trustworthy, management-oriented;

It is skillful to work,

Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, The Book of the Road and the Pardon

To be like water … To ourselves, to ourselves … We try to describe it as pure as water. Transparent like water … It is fertile like water. It is like water that can clearly share its presence in itself. Never jealous … Points that go through like water continue to equip with unit unit of abundance … It is as clear as water, it is like water …

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I would like to draw attention to a very, very important feature of water that we have today with you, when we are doing all of these things we talk about … The fact that the water is actually giving and sharing, while the beauties are gorgeizing and magnifying, turning back and not asking for "one"

While he equips every point he passes, he does not care about what he gives or what he gives,

When we are all asked yes we are. " I do good " Do you ever think that we are waiting for you?

For example, we have to do good because we appreciate "others" (this is the "group") … Yes,

When there are so many different ways that we can come up with our hand, we prefer to feel sorry for, say, "I am not my child" or "I do not have children" when there are dozens of children we can help with. Yes, it may be something that can make us sad, but the way to do good is always clear. If we really want to do something for the children in this life and we really do not expect it (here we have the condition that we are "our own child" for goodness) there are many ways to do this … The institutions we can reach are the children who are deprived of parental love, beautiful life … There is always a way to really do "goodness" whenever we "want" …

But here it is not so easy to be seen from the outside … It is a totally different level of consciousness to do good without considering the consequences of water, without thinking about who will appreciate me, or expecting certain perfect conditions, results or details to occur. there is no promise that you will be identified with being good, appreciated or appreciated … There is only you and good intentions left there … Whatever it is, whatever it is, whatever it has done for you, it has to be like water.

To try to do anything that comes from your hand so that it can only be better without judgment, without contempt, without contempt, without discrimination.

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<p> <strong> Every word formed by this text goes to it; maybe this sentence is about to read, maybe for all the hearts that have already read and finished, without expecting a "response" without expecting appreciation and most importantly without taking something "for me", all the answers are set to give just … a better way in the life of a "single" person who reads these sentences in one place with a wish … Right now, even a single person who has reached the occasion of encountering a coincidence may be able to take a good step for goodness Maybe "<em> Why am I not what I want? I always do good and I always give good things </em> "when it comes to being able to breathe and to" breathe "like water … I can say that I continue to do well without careing … Whatever we are in this life, </strong> </p>
<p> It seems that every good is actually becoming more like water,</p>
<p> A favor is defined as small or large, but when we look at the water, we can not judge them by the size of us as they are … We could be as magnificent as feeding a child in the street, a good accompaniment to a lonely aunt sitting alone in the park for five minutes It may be as good as giving a little help to a little bit of cancer that fights with cancer, or it may be as simple as thinking about being able to have a pregnant woman in the car … A favor is to be as conscientious or it could be a "dream" that smiles as much as trying to do with what is best for the smile of all the people of the world and with whatever it is possible to do whatever it is … What matters is not the dimensions of our goodnesses that are defined by our judgments. It is not made with money. Well done with a smile, done with a love word, can be done with a chocolate then it can be as simple as a hug … </p>
<p> If you are reading this article today, I ask you to look carefully at all the ways of goodness that come from your hand in your life and you can do all the things you can do … Most of what you can do and most important is to do good, like "water" without worrying about what you will get, Can you do it? </p>
<p> <strong> It is such a "deep" way to be like water in goodness, it starts from us and it returns to us again through our magnificent hearts … Where are you today on this road </strong> </p>

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