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Domino's is a brand that boasts fast delivery. But what if it's a way to handle delivery? To prevent bad roads from delaying pizza trucks, Domino's launched an interesting campaign. Domino's commitment to deliver on delivery; With the project named "Paving for Pizza", he started to fix the pavement defects and cracks.

The project which started on June 11 is carrying the CP + B signature. Consumers are communicating with Domino's and recommending cities for repair in order to get rid of traces and damages left in the roads during the winter. The suggestions submitted by entering the postcode via the website are evaluated and if the city is found appropriate, the consumer is reached. Later, funding is provided to correct the broken roads in the region and work is being initiated.

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<h2> Pizzaya Effects of Rough Roads </h2>
<p> Thanks to the campaign, business partnerships have been made with four city administrations so far and the roads have been repaired. Detailed information on these, together with statistics and statistics, can be reached via the site. The asphalt pit meter you will see at the same time on the site shows how the pizza is affected in different road conditions through a video prepared with an in-box camera. It is very likely that the cheese slips or clings to the upper lid on roads with bumps and pits like Istanbul when the pizza is comfortable on a smooth road </p>
<p> The project aims to provide a benefit in collecting while <a href= strengthens the brand image of our country, such as Lipton's initiative of opening up the roads for the slaughtering of village roads . "Paving for Pizza" can also be seen as a step in the "Domino's Carryout Insurance" program launched by CP + B last year. Consumers under this insurance are entitled to a new pizza if the pizzas are damaged on the way


Creative Director: Tony Calcao
Creative Director: Kelly McCormick, D'Arcy O'Neill
Advertiser: Domino's
Creative Agency: CP + B
Global Authority Creative Director: Linus Karlsson

Producer: Dan Corken
Producer: Sloan Schroeder
Integrated Production: Alina Moeller
Producer: Amber Pena
Executive Producer: Dan Corken Micorle Robertson, Mark Hurley
Content Manager: Brad George, Sam Carolan
Business Relations Manager: Kimberly
Interaction Producer: Morgan Burrows
Customer Relations Director: Jacqueline Redmond, Allison Foley
Content Supervisor: Campbell, Cristina Fajardo
Strategy Group Director: Courtney Loveman
Strategy: Katie Sherman
Production Company: Chelsea Pictures – Los Angeles

Color Assistant: Aaron Flickinger
Producer: Maeliosa Tiernan
Telecine: CO3 – Santa Monica
Coloring Assistant: Stefan Sonnenfeld
Director: Thomas Beug
Executive Producer: Lisa Mehling, Pat McGoldrick
Editor: James Bedford
Producer: Samantha Machado
Sound and Mix: Lime Studios – Santa Claus Andrews
Editing: Union Editorial / Marshall Street Editors
Editor: Spencer Ferszt
Sound Effect Design: Matt Miller
Post Production: Method Studios – Los Angeles
Visual Effects Supervisor: Kelly Bumbarger
Animation: Cut Joe Simon
Executive Producer: Jeff Fiorello
Producer: Norm Felker
Web Design: Stink
Animation Artist: James Bedford
Music: Stu dios – New York

Visual: Paving for Pizza – YouTube

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