Baby's DNA Is Detected From Mother's Blood

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Istanbul New Century University Professor of Forensic Medicine, Professor. Dr. Ersi Abacı Kalfoglu said that the DNA of the child could be removed from the blood of the pregnant women in the Forensic Medicine Laboratory of the university.

– Istanbul New Century University Professor of Forensic Medicine Department Professor. Dr. Ersi Abacı Kalfoglu, AA correspondent, gave information about the work they have done in the Forensic Medicine Laboratory, which was opened with the ceremony attended by Science Industry and Technology Minister Faruk Özlü last week

Kalfoglu stated that in 2010 she had been involved in the activities of the "Center for Sexual Crime" in the university, and today she has been working on a much broader spectrum, especially covering DNA studies.

Kalfoglu, who came together with academicians and expert scientists and prepared the "biological evidence review laboratory" using the most advanced technology, said: "By performing DNA examinations from all kinds of biological samples, precise and person-to-person consultation service. "

Kalfoğlu, who stated that his laboratories are equipped with technical facilities capable of providing information and data flow to every point and that they can also provide expert services by reaching the courts online upon request, said:

"We know that every victim of our labs has two basic needs. Provision of justice and elimination of victim trauma. The main objective of us is to soften the trauma of the victim with professional medical and psychological support on the one hand to serve and examine on the one hand, to collect evidence and report the evidence on the other hand. Here, while our expert psychologist gives psychological support to the magazine, he is also a specialist in the field while collecting the evidence and conducting the treatment on the other hand.

There are gynecologists in the hospitals, but they do not know what they will collect. He's just undergoing examination and treatment. We can not find any doubt about the fact that the evidence has been left in the process. Here, our expert colleagues carefully collect and record the evidence. Our team has come together in such a way that we can give personal medical support until the end, while aiming to end every matter in terms of justice. Forensic science experts, psychologists, gynecologists and obstetricians are working towards the same goal with pharmacists, nurses, quality assurance specialists and geneticists. "

Emphasizing that they are very good in the field of forensic genetics. Dr.

In the past,

"We can get the baby DNA circulating in the woman's blood"

Prof. Dr. Kalfoglu reported that they completed their research work on the detection of the father of the mother on the mother's blood test in the Forensic Science Laboratory.

Indicating that the DNA of the child is found in the blood of pregnant women, Kalfoglu said:

"When we get DNA from the mother's blood, then we can detect the genetic diseases of this child first. Disease detection is now a practice. Beyond that, we can also build the fatherhood. This is necessary if this rape is a conceived pregnancy. Because there is a crime that should be detected in case of such a pregnancy, there is a criminal. There is a legal way to be followed if found. This practice was being carried out by giving pain to the women as much as possible and risking the babies. A biological sample was taken from the mother's womb, but a number of interventional procedures were required to reach it. Now we can get the baby DNA circulating in the woman's blood. We know that DNA is a mixture of parents. "

In this regard, they have completed their experimental studies in the laboratory environment. Dr. Kalfoğl of "the determination of paternity with DNA obtained through the blood for the first time in Turkey we are doing. We have perfected our laboratory work and started to provide services. "


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