Awareness journey in esoteric teachings light


Esotericism means the word; deep, female knowledge and secrets are taught through initiation to those who are competent by a master, hiding from others who are not competent. This is not a belief system or religion.

To investigate the causes of our existence is to read and experience the information that has been moved from creation to today so that we can realize ourselves.

But as in everything else, in esoterism, the grip of knowledge of man is one way up. When we come in front of the door, the master leaves the hand of the learner. The information becomes invalid.

He is now obliged to experience his inner self and trust his own purity.

The most exciting aspect of development actually begins later.

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With our brains who love to write and memorize, esoterism and metaphysical subjects are very heavy and complicated to individuals. Experiences in the learning process, unconscious situations and confronting identities undermine the fall. However, all knowledge and skills of life are strong when he is aware of himself as he falls, and consciousness and self-awareness.

It is not about getting stronger, but about discovering the limits of your power in every experience.

Why does not you test me or have you given up ""

The way you get towards yourself, all the obstacles in this way appear to you as a gift. It turns out that there is a chance in self-discovery. A part of our self that we can see by hand is enlightened.

From here, life is not a process that you have to be patient, it is a divine playground where you experience yourself in the moment. If you can experience yourself in the layers of this world, it is a great glory for every entity that wants to realize itself.

Another thing that must be acknowledged and persevered is the eternity of the path. Experience is infinite, self-discovery is infinite, and it is unique if you realize other situations at any moment.

We are obliged to disclose each other unique souls, an instrument in this existence symphony, a sound that will emerge from it.

When we begin to search ourselves and touch ourselves, we will consciously take our place in this great symphony with our authentic voice.

Thus, life is a simple game in which life is to be taken seriously.

The beginning of each path passes from the unknown, from the delusions, rightly accepted and generalized;

People who think that they think they know, think they understand, and eventually think of themselves as thoughts,

If there is a note to say, it can come out of this body, from its own idiom, to reaching its nobleness.

As with anything that makes a different sound at every blowing angle, your presence in life always tones your authentic essence. One of the unique notes of the universe has taken its place.

In this context, enlightenment is not a choice but a responsibility for life.