Award-winning Turkish designer Olcay Tuncay Karabulut'ten new Formula 1 project

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Olcay Tuncay Karabulut, a successful designer whose motor sports enthusiasts are no longer strangers to his name, promises improvement in vehicle dynamics in his new project.

The successful Turkish designer we started to hear Alfa Romeo project which he had a bad dream in 2016, Olcay Tuncay Karabulut made different works including motorcycles in the process that went on day by day. In 2018 Formula 1 season, Yanko Design found himself on the top of the list with a project that made Alfa more rewarding with his return to the circuit. The concept of RB22 which he developed on the Ferrari logo, believes that it is possible to have less turbulence, closer pursuit and more rapid acceleration

with the concept of RB22 developed by Karabulut,


Driving high-tasting cars

With the changing rules in recent years, Formula 1, which is experiencing changes and developments focused on high road holding, pushing force and halo (cab), rear wing designers are pushing to focus on different points. The RB22, which Karabulut has developed against these items that it has lost a lot of fun with new rules, is more aerodynamically stronger than today's vehicles but more powerful in terms of power output. These design lines, which also bring driving difficulties together, have the potential to exceed the designer's ability to test pilots' skills and improve driving pleasure. In terms of design lines, you can tell us your thoughts about this project, which draws attention to the vehicles of the season 2018.



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