Avengers: Infinity War trailer that confronts Iron Man and Star-Lord [Video]


                                                                         Avengers: Infinity War



Avengers: Infinity War One of the last televised trailers released before, the attentive admirers noticed an interesting scene. The scene that confronts Iron Man and Star-Lord creates question marks on the minds.

A new television trailer for the Avengers: Infinity War was released on April 27th. The new trailer, which carries the name Legacy, reveals how close is the mass destruction. Stages from the Infinity War are being shown in the last 5 seconds of the trailer, which offers a short collage of older movies. One of the scenes where our heroes suffer is bringing Star-Lord and Iron Man together.


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Is it dispute protection?

Tony Stark seemed surprised by this daring when he told them that the star-Lord had to let him do the planning in the previous fragments that they saw together. In the new trailer, it seems like there was a kind of double fight. However, it's hard to tell what's going on because the image does not stay on the screen for about a second. Either of the two characters really has a serious collision, or the situation is worse than we thought. Thanos might be an Iron Man who would prevent the Star-Lord from killing his niece if he killed one of the Guardian's Protectors. You can watch the short video from the following video.






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