Avengers: Infinity War directors explain Hawkeye's absence


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Avengers: Infinity War Hawkeye, who does not even appear in any of his promotions, is one of the most talked-about characters in the film. Director Joe Russo explained the absence to the questioned character.

Hawkeye's Avengers: The absence of any of the Infinity War promotions makes fans very curious. There are even fans who are preparing the Infinity War posters, where only Hawkeye is involved to make fun of this situation. We have previously shared with you an article about Hawkeye's retirement . The Russo brothers recorded that our heroism reacted differently to post-Civil War events and that there was a different preference from other heroes. We also had a desire to return to the family life of Age of Ultron. Joe Russo made a new statement after the prints.


A process that spans a long turn

Russo, who interviewed emphasizes the lack of heroism. " Sabir dervish has come to the conclusion " Russo saying " Of course we have not forgotten Jeremy Renner. We prepared a story for him. But this story is not a story that can come out immediately. Renner's role will emerge in a long-term process . Anthony Russo also supports Joe Russo's statement, saying " It will all be clear."

After these explanations, we do not think we can see much of our character in Infinity War. Maybe we might never even see it. However, it should not be forgotten that this film consists of 2 parts. Maybe Renner is expecting us in movie 2, who knows … Film Will take his place on Vision on April 27 .

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