Avengers Infinity War crushed Jurassic World


                                                                         Avengers Infinity War



The Avengers Infinity War broke another new record which, despite being on the horizon for weeks, continued to add dust to the dumpling. This time the box office conqueror left behind Jurassic World and became the owner of the summit.

The Avengers started the Infinity War record chain on opening weekend. Star Wars The Force Awakens in America and Fast and Furious 8 all over the world. Then, in a short period of ten days, he earned $ 1 billion in box office earnings and went on to film history. Finally, we announced that Filmin America is the most popular comic book adaptation. But all these accomplishments did not stop the Avengers Infinity War. He also glanced at the throne of Jurassic World .

To summarize the situation briefly, it was Jurassic World, starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard in the summer's most acclaimed film . The film was a great success, earning a total of $ 1.672 billion over the course of his stay in the VISION. At this point, it has also guaranteed the continuation of filminin. The Avengers Infinity War, which Marvel has handed out and brings together countless heroes, did not last long enough to break this record. Entering the vision at the end of April, the film won $ 1.675 million worldwide .


This trend shows that the Avengers Infinity War is going to set more records. Let's see when the film will reach $ 2 billion in box office revenue

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