Asus ZenFone 5's remarkable camera performance with a detailed review of Dxomark


                                                                         Asus ZenFone 5 DxOMark



ZenFone 5, The latest smartphone introduced by Asus at Mobile World Congress in 2018 was Dxomark's last guest. The phone seems to have begun to fill the eye with camera performance . Here are the details.

DxOMark who scientifically evaluates the camera and camera performances of smartphones recently seems to be quite impressed by ZenFone 5. As a result of the review, the phone was given 93 points on the photo side and 86 points on the video side. The average score is 90 phone with this score below the iPhone 8, and above Google Pixel. When we look at the details, the model presents with high dynamic range . The phone, which can quickly and steadily auto-detect, can protect the tissues very well. In many cases, the phone that correctly adjusts the white balance keeps the details on the video side. However, there are some negative comments. The phone, which can make some mistakes in HDR scenes, is criticized for doing excessive sanding in the sky. The phone, which can experience loss of detail in flash pictures, does not seem to have come out too much with bokeh mode.


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Technical details of Asus ZenFone 5 are as follows

ZenFone 5, which has a notched design Snapdragon 636 is getting the processor and 4 GB / 6 GB of RAM. The 64 GB memory phone using Adreno 509 on the GPU side is being built on a battery with a capacity of 3.300 mAh . The phone has a 6.2 inch 19: 9 aspect ratio Full HD + screen. Incorporating two 12 megapixel cameras (Sony IMX363 sensor) on the back, the phone offers wide angle on one camera and narrower on the other. Thus, according to the situation a wide shooting range is achieved. In front of the model is an 8 megapixel F2.0 camera. ZenFone 5 on Android 8.0 Oreo with ZenUI 5.0 and ZenFone 5 with special optimizations for notch

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