Argument that creates controversy; we may have to take driver's license again with driverless cars!



Surveys in UK on driverless cars show that even the most experienced drivers can be included in the retraining program.

Autonomous driving technology is undoubtedly at the forefront of technologies already in the focal points of many manufacturers. Nowadays, when we hear the label "driverless technology last step" with the new models being detected, the third and fourth levels of this technology are starting to be felt slowly on the asphalt. As the process progresses step by step, there will be commercial films and promotions with the slogan "one day's anticipation" and the fifth level at work! ". It's exciting, is not it? This technology, which has aroused curiosity in human science from the time it is seen in science fiction films is expected to occupy a large part of our lives in 10-15 years . Will such an important step be offered as easy to pronounce as it is pronounced? As a result of new investigations abroad related to the opinion, the opinion assembly, drivers are waiting for a new education.

Why a new license?

From the very first moment we have heard, there is certainly mathematical data and requirements at the base of this new driver's license proposal, which also arouses curiosity within us. As we have just mentioned, automobiles sold today as state of the art have anticipated drivers of semi-autonomous technology offered in combination with cruise control and driving assistants . If you put this mode into the clutch and pull your hand from the steering wheel, the system requires the system to contact the driver's steering wheel in certain seconds. This may in fact be regarded as a turnover in a sense. Here, in the future, the emergence of a new driver's license or educational necessity is beginning to take shape at this point.


Just as it is today, in the future, driverless vehicles are likely to require human intervention in some cases. Tests in the UK show that it takes three seconds to focus on the road and gain steering control in a drive that a driver wants to take back to the system after it has been transferred to the system. At first glance, three seconds may seem too short for you, even at a low speed, such as 32 hours per hour and 32 hours per hour this is a distance of about 30 meters . If we "worsen" the screen a little more we can see that it's 100 meters for a car at 96 km / h. This means that the reaction distance to be given at the time of any accident is really very serious.
Following these studies, Burgess Salmon a UK-based law firm and the world's major insurance companies AXA together with this technology in order to prevent situations that may arise, [

argue that drivers must participate in a new test and certification program . Of course, as a result of this accident, the insurance companies will have no obligation to oversee their responsibilities or find fault. With the development of autonomous driving technology, it will not be surprising that much more research and suggestions on this subject are expressed. If there is something definite, it means that we are expecting new experiences and standards along with new technologies. You can also send us your comments about the subject.

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