Are you ready to read the life that a lonely woman would write with courage?


I have shared a video that has impressed me a lot over the past few months … A video from my beloved Hakan Mengüç saying " The lone woman is not a weak woman … ) … I have reached you by sharing this feeling with your own feelings, what I live and what I prefer. I have received so many feedbacks in this regard that I first thank you all for your beautiful views and for the beautiful hearts that have reached me because you have sincerely found all your feelings close enough to share with me …

I will come to tell you what we are today … Today I have met with you in our lives, maybe in a meeting of friends we have come across while crossing the road, maybe we have seen from the outside, I want to tell you more about women. I want to look a little deeper, what are these women loneliness troubles that do not fit our molds? Why do not they fit into the situation of finding a wife as easily as all the other women like all the other women? When something approaches them, they stand firm as a rock against all the work they will receive from the outside, and say goodbye to their loneliness, "unless they really want to … Why is it that these" others " Why are they lonely if there is no reason to be alone?

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I am a Woman Only; I will write with courage Are you ready to read life? Yes, I am like those of you who are lost in the crowds … Those crowds are filled with definitions and overflowed … Being someone's wife, being someone's love, being a manager, being a manager of another place, being in thin heels, being a popular woman, becoming the most sought-after woman, being willing to stand next to everyone or just being a woman … Unfortunately, "unfortunately" does not define me as being my friend, being my darling, being my fiancé, Unfortunately he can not let me into your wonderful crowds and pull me into those wonderful patterns again. The soul that the beautiful crowds have lost lives on in my loneliness. That's why I escape from the crowds, because I can really be myself who defines me. To be able to really laugh like myself, to cry like myself, to run long as myself, to start with myself and to be able to realize the paths that end with me … To be like I really am … Unfortunately I do not have the "magnificent" crowds like you, my magnificent wife like you, I have no adjectives …

I am a Lonely Woman; I will write with courage Are you ready to read life? It is very curious to know how many cars it is, how many houses or how many times it can be a good salary … I was very curious, what vacation in Europe will be in which country for summer vacation, who will be with whom, in which "last" where she wants to eat today, wants to drink coffee, wants to have fun … I am a lonely woman, I wonder what "essence" is? Is it possible to get the real essence of a man, for example? I am a woman alone, it is not possible to sit in those "extraordinary" places, moments I can not pale out of sincerity, two foreign hearts on two ends of a table … I am a woman alone, I can not sit in those tables. Yes, I had the chance to admit it, but I could not find it in those places. I am alone, but I also have my hidden "sheltered" shelters … If you ask me about my place, the birth of the sun is the old place of Yeniköy, I will watch it in the Emek Kafe … Yet before the darkness of the night meets the sun, Like a new day to meet with the smell of the tea … I am alone, there is only one thing, yes, you are exactly what you think … It is also possible to be a long agonist then; What will he think? "Without letting him hide, let me be as I am, I listen to him with heart, he tells me he says …

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I am a Lonely Woman; I will write with courage Are you ready to read life? Why are you alone? "or you are also asked" Why are you still alone? "" or it is also possible " Why do you have a person "I usually get smiley about these questions, it is hard to explain, it is hard, it is valuable, for me … But if I write a little bit in this article, why alone are you a lonely woman? Some people do not want to see, but these women can not live like that.

When they are finished, they will not wait for a minute to think that they will change their lives,

If life believes in downright life then if it is not "downright", can it really be said "I have lived" in this life? Why are they still alone? They place lovers, spouses or fiancees in their hearts yes, but there is no emotional space that is not really in their lives. So they will not be easily overloaded, courage is necessary, heart needs, essence is necessary, heart needs to be able to approach those women. Why did not they find a person? Loneliness is not something to "find out", their freedom is their greatest love. They will never give up their love and respect for themselves just because someone else will "see" it, "accept it" or "love it". That's why they try to find their dream destination … If all the lovers, spouses or fiancées that are supposed to be found should really be, if it is really time and if they really have the courage, one day they will surely be on their way. What they seek is just and only real …

Today in this writing, all the beautiful, magnificent, brave, lively, unique, unique, unique, lifeless ladies I know to be with me in every word of your life, whatever your life, your heart, your freedom, your power and your self never give up on your wonderful belief …

Dear Hakan Mengüç, come for all of us named videos "Only Woman":

Can you draw your interest: Despite all the negative comments, is it possible to look at it constantly from the positive?