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It is already a right for an alien to let a woman drive a car for the rest of the world, but the situation is different in Saudi Arabia. Coca-Cola's decision to celebrate the announcement unannounced this right enters into force on 24 June. Women from that date; they can legally use cars. However, the subject is still controversial, people's gaze and attitude are watching at different ends. Shell Middle East also presents the views of men with different professions and lifestyles in the film

In the film created by M & C Saatchi Dubai; we see men who are known to be doctors, TV presenter, hip hop artist, ex-soldier and athlete, who can try their opinion. These men sit in the back seat of a car and share their ideas about women's driving. Some of the men do not hesitate to say that they initially find this decision frightening, and that they are concerned about the safety of women on the roads. But when it comes to women in the lives of men, the tone of the men is slowly changing. They also emphasize their talents and skills while telling how women in their lives are helping or supporting them.

At the end of two and a half minutes Filmin prepared for Shell Middle East, the driver, ie the interviewer, leaves their place to the women they know. Couples, sisters, daughters, mothers are passing by with the astonished gaze of the cocktail men. The film ends with the message "You support her as she supports your journey."

Aiming to Break Men's Negative Attitude

The internal view behind Filmin is based on the skeptical attitude of men in the social media, especially when they show women using cars. Although women were initially delighted with the decision, they began to lose confidence in using the car because of negative reactions from men over time. The film calls attention to this issue and urges men to support women.

The film, which debuted in May, has reached over 4 million views.

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