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As for the stationery some of the flowing water for some of us is standing. The ones who examine the products for hours in the shops are saying, "I wish all the books, dyes, pens are all mine". a book on hand made by Palas Pandas an insertable and removable magnetic book Rekonect Notebook an onion notebook that wept to trigger emotions while writing We have included many interesting designs like Fabulous Cat Papers and Skinbook Skinbook for beginner tattooers. Omoshiroi Block (fun block) produced by Japanese architectural company Triad will be admired by stationery enthusiasts. From the outside, an ordinary cube looks like a paper block, but the different worlds created by laser cutting technology are hidden.

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Keep it as a decorative design for a long time

As the notes on Omoshiroi Block are used, an architectural structure starts to appear in the middle part. So it becomes a fun and memorable process for the person who uses the note papers. It's like a reward waiting for you after you've got plenty of notes. It can be stored for an extended period on a corner of the office like a sculpture of paper.

Triad 's specialty is to produce architectural models. The Omoshiroi blocks include models of Japan's major structures such as the Kiyomizudera Temple in Kyoto, the Asakusa Temple in Tokyo, and the Tokyo Tower. They also have other non-architectural models such as a piano and a camera. The blocks are made up of 100 sheets of paper, and each paper is different from the paper on top, with a unique look. Even though the cost of laser cutting technology is reduced, the Omoshiroi Blocks are quite expensive. Prices range from about 4,000 to 10,000 yen depending on the size.

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