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The Sustainable Business Awards, which are held annually in order to award successful sustainable business models, began on April 30.

In the fifth year of the contest where the members of the jury composed of academicians will evaluate, 'Social Entrepreneur of the Year', 'Woman Empowerment' and 'Employee Participation / Loyalty' categories were added. Applications to be made in 14 categories will continue until July 13.

Sustainable Business Awards' social, economic and environmental issues creates significant effects on the masses by sharing successful projects aim to promote the sustainability transformation in Turkey. This is the fifth time this year to accelerate the transition to innovative, cyclical and responsible business models and to ensure that projects with holistic sustainable approaches are role models.

The application process, which began on April 30 for the Sustainable Business Awards, will continue until July 13. Sustainable Business Awards applications can be made via .


Large-scale companies as well as SMEs, Start-Up, Social Enterprise and Local Governments can apply for the awards. Winners of the competition after assessment by the distinguished jury members consisting of the leading names in the field will be announced at the award ceremony will be held in Turkey in October.

3 new categories added

This year's competition for the first time in this year's competition was organized in the categories of Carbon and Energy Management, Water Management, Social Impact, Sustainability Communication, Business union, Supply Chain Management, Waste Management, Diversity and Involvement, Start-Up, Sustainability Report and Sustainable Innovation. Social Entrepreneurship of the Year ',' Woman Empowerment 'and' Employee Participation / Loyalty 'categories. The business association category was opened as two titles. B2B cooperation will be assessed for cooperation between private sector organizations (profit-making organizations) and B2NGO Cooperation for private sector organizations (profit-making organizations) and non-governmental organizations (non-profit organizations).

About the Sustainability Academy:

The Sustainability Academy is a nonprofit social initiative aimed at informing and raising awareness about economic, social and environmental sustainability with the mission to be a pioneer in accelerating the transition of sustainability in the business world for sustainable future and development. In Turkey, the placement of sustainable business models in business development and global approach to sustainability Sustainability Academy who work for the development of a sustainable way of life in society; This area is leading the way by creating strong sustainability platforms. In this context, the Sustainability Academy will work with national and international institutions, non-governmental organizations and governmental business associations to work for a sustainable future and to set and place sustainability in business processes; She conducts researches, conferences, seminars, workshops, institutional educational activities, social responsibility projects and counseling and informing about university youth. The Sustainability Academy is wiping out the carbon footprints of all its work

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