Apple warns Mac users for 32-bit applications

Apple warns users of 32-bit applications to upgrade 32-bit MacOS applications to 64-bit applications


Apple has already completed the 64-bit transition of applications for mobile operating system iOS. But for MacOS, the desktop operating system, the transition is almost new. As of tomorrow, MacOS 10.13.4 users will see a warning when they open a 32-bit application that their applications need 64-bit updates.

The 64-bit transition for the desktop operating system is much more complex than for the mobile operating system. But as Apple has said, this transition is far too late. Also, although there is a separate App Store for MacOS, many applications are available from different channels. For this reason there is a possibility of data loss in applications that do not perform 64-bit transitions.






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Mac users can check if the installed applications are 64-bit thanks to the system report feature. From the Apple menu select 'About This Mac' and click on the system report. Scroll down to Software and click on Applications. If you select '64-bit (Intel)' when you select any application, the application is 64-bit. You need to update your application if it is not approved.






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