Apple Music – Turkish Rap Room

Turkish Apple wants to upgrade the rap audio, the online music service is adding the Turkish Rap room. The first break for Apple Music members of the new Turkish Rap room will be Şanışer's new album


Shortly before the online music service Apple Music explaining that reaching a total of 40 million paying members in 115 countries Apple, the pulse of rap music lovers in Turkey to keep up with a more local note 'Turkish Rap' room staffed.

According to the statement Apple has made regarding the subject, in the Turkish Rap room you will find music lists specially prepared for you, as well as the brand new stars of the Turkish Rap and legendary names that direct the Turkish Rap.

Apple Music members will be able to access personalized listings in the Turkish Rap room as well as artist lists, lists of favorite tracks, the latest albums and impressive Turkish Rap videos.






Did not Apple hold HomePod?



This innovation coming to Apple Music commented on the leading names of the Turkish rap:

Penalty: "I am very happy to meet my fans with my songs through Apple Music and new Turkish Rap room. Welcome to the Turkish Rap room. ''

Yener Çevik: '' Apple Music SALON, Turkish Rap ODASI. I'm Yener Çevik, so the street head. '

[194590001] It is so beautiful that Apple Music is introducing a special room for Rap music in Turkey, so from now on my listeners can listen to the new album through this room. ''

The first to be a member of Apple Music will be Şanışer's new album. LUDOVICO II album released today on Apple Music will be the first album to be released in the Turkish Rap movie.






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