Apple is Removing Applications That Share Location Information!

Information mystification, one of the most debated topics of 2018, has taken Apple into action. Apps that automatically share your location information with different recipients will no longer be part of the App Store. The firm has announced that it has begun cleaning operations.


Apple has begun to remove applications that are in the application store, sharing information that is both self-aware and uninformed by users. The number of applications that have spyware that stores data such as where you are, where you are, and sends them to different companies to earn money is increasing day by day.

Applications that act without explicit permission from the user for this sharing also violate Apple's service policies. The company's guidelines include materials that allow users to share their location with their own controls.

Behind this decision Apple has the General Data Protection Directive, which is expected to come into force in the European Union on May 25th. This regulation has become a major pressure tool for technology companies to protect users' information. In the same way, it was realized that WhatsApp should be closed to children under 16 years old through this regulation.

With the notice sent to developers affected by the block, Applle stated that applications can be re-installed into the store. This will require developers to deploy location sharing services to the user initiative. Another option for developers is to turn off location-sharing features of applications.

It is unclear what applications are affected and how many applications are removed in this situation so far. If Apple makes a statement about the issue, we will pass it on to you.

Facebook's application of an outsourced, trustworthy company like Cambidge Analytica to steal personal information of 87 million people has boosted the pressure on all companies. Zuckerberg said that they were taking cyber theft by taking all responsibility and hinted that a large number of applications had gone to user data and warned all 2.2 billion members. The same may be true of application stores for companies like Google and Apple.







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