Apple Blocks Crypto Money Mining

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Crypto money mining, a computing device based on computing power, will no longer be able to use iOS devices. Apple has introduced strict rules for crypto-money mining in its guidelines for developers


In crypto money mining, the more powerful the processor in your hand, the more information you process, the more crypto you earn. Today, the processing capacity of a phone or an ordinary computer is insufficient for cryptographic cash earnings. For this reason, only the systems to be used for mining are built, with powerful graphics cards or processors.

These are another way to mining outside. This way you need thousands of computers that are able to access your software information and your control at a serious level. This method is a criminal offense because it is an obvious computer piracy. Still, imagine the following from the point of view of the event: Is it a system that has 20 video cards running at the same time, or does the system using 200,000 mobile phones process more information?

In applications running on iPhones and iPads running the iOS operating system, developers know that developers have loaded some code to add their devices to their mining ecosystem. These codes can infect devices when they click on in-app ads. Afterwards, the CPU power is used for mining, and there are freezing and fading.

The company already allows applications for crypto money orders and stock exchanges. However, he struggled for the "cloud mining" that we summarized above. He introduced solid rules against cloud mining in the guidelines he published specifically for developers.

Apple, which banned Coinbase's application from today's largest crypto money exchanges in the App Store in 2013, has also introduced limitations for crypto-currency (ICO), which will now move to the new market. A new unit needs to be invested in people to be traded and evaluated, and shared on the social media to announce their name. Apple said that it would not support any process for ICOs, and that users would not be encouraged to download a new custom application.

The measures technology giants take against crypto money advertisements are based entirely on trust. No one wants to look like a supporter of a unit that will sink or be valued in the future. This keeps the giants like Apple, Google and Facebook close to the question of crypto money as they do not want it.







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