Apple bans crypto money miners from killing

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                                                                         Apple crypto money mining



Apple shared an update for crypto money mining in a practice guide for developers. The new update will make the miners quite unhappy cinsten.

Although crypto money mining is not as considerable as its predecessor, users continue to make virtual currency. Apple's app stores for iOS and MacOS operating systems also include applications that can be mined. However, the rules that are added to the company's new developer guide are mining from the platform. The developer guide, which has a new article written for crypto money mining, includes iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS applications . So users of iPhone, iPad, MacBook are saying goodbye to the mining fondness of these platforms.


How do developers mining?

One of the most common examples of applications with mining examples is that developers exploit the power of users' devices for premium features. An example of this is the Calendar 2 application, removed from the Mac App Store in March . At that time the iPhone maker had not yet published an update on this topic in the guide for application developers, but the app was removed from the store. The application was using the devices of the users for mining with some premium features. If Calendar 2 is removed from the App Store, "" The material should not consume the battery fast, cause excessive heat, not waste the device's resources unnecessarily ". However, this step is considered to be the first step the firm has taken against the mining of virtual money.

The new rule contains 5 main rules. The iPhone manufacturer notes that only registered developers will allow virtual wallets. This item is designed to protect users from being defrauded. It is said that applications for crypto money mining could mining outside the device . With a cloud-based system ie. Mining applications using the appliance are not allowed. In order for users to be able to place virtual money exchange and payment applications on the platform, the practitioner must handle this exchange on their own. Bitcoin, especially in the virtual currency exchanges in accordance with the law is still allowed to operate applications. The firm has explicitly that it will not allow applications that offer functions like downloading other applications or making virtual money .



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