Announced in Turkey as per Register of Users Millionaire!

BRSA, which as of March 2018 and over £ 1 million deposit in an account in Turkey has announced that 145 thousand 989 people found. 13 thousand 292 of these people are abroad.


The Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) announced that a total of 7 thousand people joined the millionaires club in the first quarter of the year, with 281 of them being abroad and 1 million TL in the account and 145 thousand 989 in the number of people with money above it.

The total deposits of millionaires, which were 909 billion 979 million TL at the end of the last year, rose to 954 billion 294 million TL as of March 2018. The average deposit per millionaires is 6 million 537 thousand TL.






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At the end of last year, while the number of established millionaires domestically was 126 thousand 800, total deposits were at 835 billion 621 million TL. As of the end of March, the total deposits of millionaires who had reached 132 thousand 697 were 868 billion 425 million TL.

According to the data of BRSA, as of the end of March, the number of millionaires abroad increased to 13 thousand 292. The average deposits of those who have deposits of 85 billion 869 million TL including 78 billion 157 million TL foreign exchange are 6 million 460 thousand TL.






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The increase in the number of millionaires also has a great effect on the rise of the dollar and euro currencies over TL. Because today, people who have accumulated at the level of 240 thousand dollars can become millionaires in TL terms.






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