Android or human? On Consciousness and Power of Choice

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Year 2038. Artificial intelligence has almost reached the level of human intelligence, robots, androids, androids look and behave just like people. They even became so "like people" that they even started to break their programs and make choices. Detroit: Become Human is a video game that was put on the market in the past days. The game tells the "human" robots to rebel by winning "free will" from the human side. In the vote, the androids start to feel like the same people and make choices. And the choices they make, determine the fate of the game.

Does not the ear sound like real life? Do not people feel and make choices that make people human? Well, can the human mind break its program too? Come and see how the mind works.

The unconscious dimensions of everything that comes from our head may seem to play little role in our daily lives. But these are almost invisible roots of our conscious thoughts. Carl Jung

Our mind is simply composed of two parts as consciousness and unconscious (or subconscious). Carl Jung says of the unconscious: " There are certain events that we have not consciously recognized; they remain below the threshold of consciousness, just like the phrase. They are, but they are perceived as subliminal . "Subliminal Latin is" under your feet ". In psychology, this term is used to mean "under the threshold of consciousness". These subliminal effects are very effective on our unconscious mental processes and perceptions. The subliminal part of our brain, unconscious, is invisible, but how life affects us, how we see ourselves and others, our sense of what we have in our lives, and our decisions to influence our decisions.

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The world we live in is a cause and effect world. How to be healthy is a result, the disease is also a result. How to succeed in the same way is a result, failure is also a result. A cause – effect relation is a process of formation. This process works as follows: Thoughts emotions, emotional behaviors, behaviors also determine experiences. In particular, messages from parents, brothers, friends, teachers, media and culture between the ages of 0-10 are creating some programs in your mind. Here is the source of your thoughts, these unconscious "programs" created through conditioning. These programs are influenced by what you see when you are younger, what you see and experience.

When you were young, you wondered how many of these things were "Money is the mother of all evil", "Not many words are wrong, Many goods are not worth it," "Do not trust anyone in this age," "

Your unconditional conditioning determines the way you think, your behaviors, your decisions and, ultimately, the consequences you will receive. It is these mental programs that have formed in the unconscious level that hinder your living more fulfilled life.

Break the program and emancipate

Think of your mind as a highly advanced computer. It is possible to get different results by reprogramming this computer. It is the biggest change you can make in your life, breaking these programs that are created by conditioning your mind from very young ages. This change consists of four phases:

To come to the realization: The first condition to change something is to get to know it. When and how did this belief restrain you? Who did you first hear? Who did you see first?

Making Meaning: By knowing where your current way of thinking comes from, you will know that it is not really you.

Leave: When you realize that beliefs that restrict you are not really yours, you have a choice between maintaining these beliefs and abandoning them.

Redesign: You redesign your mind by replacing old beliefs with new ones. Welcome to your "new version".

Being human means making elections and feeling .

In the future it will not be known that we will have feelings and willroids like us. We as human beings can choose and feel. Today, most people are suppressing their feelings and ignoring them. This situation makes the person think of polar, mechanical, sick and soulless. The solution is to be more connected with emotions. Establishing a safe relationship with your feelings frees you. When I finish writing, I leave you with the following videos of android "Kara":

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