An Archaeologist Killed with Explosive Bomb in Afghanistan

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A roadside bomb caused the death of an Afghan archaeological site near an old Buddhist excavation site.

The excavation site of the explosion also houses the biggest copper reserves of the country. The explosion also raised concerns about increased threats to government-backed projects.

The security threats carried out by the rebels forced Europeans and US archaeologists to withdraw from Mes Blair in recent years, leaving Afghan experts on their own

The attack on Saturday took place near the excavation site, 40 km south of the capital, housing 5,000-year-old temples, settlements, markets, and a castle's remains, wounding four staff members of the Ministry of Culture.

No groups have attacked until now. Taliban militants who tried to revive the strict Islamic law after 2001 blew up two old giant Buddha sculptures in Bamiyan province in March this year.

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Victims' colleague archaeologist Mohammad Rabi Saber said, "We never think such actions are against us because we are neither military nor top government officials. After that, however, some kind of fear spread among archaeologists. "

In 2008, a Chinese company, the Chinese Metallurgical Company, signed a contract to recover copper from Mesynak, but stopped a series of protest projects to protect the Buddhist site.

In 2009, Afghan and international archaeologists began to unleash thousands of sculptures, manuscripts, coins and memorials in Mesyn Aak.

The government said that all the ancient artifacts in Mesyn Aynak were to be excavated before mining began.

The archaeologist Abdul Wahab Ferozi, who was killed in the explosion, overhauled the repairs to Mesan Aynak with more than 3,000 old works handed over to the National Museum in Kabul

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Cops reported that Ferozi went to the archaeological site by car when the remote-controlled explosion took place.

Police spokesman Hashmat Stanakzai said, "We are now trying to figure out who broke the bomb. He has not undertaken any extreme group attacks until now. "

At least 183 Afghan civilians were killed and 337 were injured in the blasts and attacks in May

Many local and international companies reassess their recruitment strategies due to increased violence.

Reuters. 3 June 2018.


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