Amazon's assistant Alexa scandal

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recording and transmitting the in-house talk

                                                                         Amazon Alexa



Echo, which dominated the smart speaker market of Amazon unexpectedly scandalized. Alexa saved the voice of the user and sent it to another

Alex is a smart assistant of Amazon and a series of built-in speakers, Echo, we can say that this pair dominates the market. Apple's HomePod is also lagging behind Google's Home Series loudspeakers where it can not even approach . However, in the days when the device passed, the scandal broke into an event. With this incident, the debate about intelligent loudspeakers and the protection of privacy has flared up again. It will also become legal today before the European Union's Regulation on General Data Protection. The scandal is in the form : One of the family members of the Amazon devices is warned about the device by the colleague of the family. All the appliances are plugged in because the co-worker said that they could be hacked and told the device that he threw a voice record of a talk in the house .


Are Amazon Alexa listening to hidden secret users?

The first thing that comes to mind is that the device listened to and recorded the secret secret home speech. Amazon agrees that this is a fact. But the device indicates that it does not listen to secret secrets. The official description made as follows: " Echo heard a word like 'Alexa' between the speeches and awakened. Later in the conversation he heard the 'send message' command. At this point, Alexa is asking loudly, 'Whoa.' The assistant catches the name in the background speech and finds it on the user's contact list again, 'Is not it [Gönderilecek kişinin ismi]?' The assistant who heard the 'Yes' command in the background speech also sends the message. "

" We are trying to make sure that there is no such event happening,

The statement made by the company in this regard indicates that the assistant has not listened to secret classified users, only an unfortunate command sequence has come in succession. It is not a strange situation for the users who use the assistant if Alexa often hears and wakes up other words as his own name. In other words, such a situation can happen even if it is unlikely. Nevertheless, it is frightening for the assistants working with voice commands to be so in our lives and keeping the privacy on such a fine line.

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