Akçaova Anatolian High School Graffitiler ile Renklendi – The Deer

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Chagatay Mirren decides to come up with the assistant principal of the school and to do something for the school after meeting and talking.

This project is also emerging a year later.

We wanted to do great mural work on the apartment facades in the world and in İstanbul, in our own city in İzmir; a front painting.

Although we did not meet with a few places for this,

Akçaova Anatolian High School was one of those moments when we were really happiest when this project came to us ( 232 Artworks) . We were going to do a gigantic business for the first time, and we would do it to a small state government. It's not our disdain that it's a village. We were not able to find a wall to paint in our own municipal city, so it was from this place that it made us happy. So what we do is how we do it 40 times and we think 50 times. What we want the school to be like a kindergarten is that it does not have to be colored or very serious. Because we think that everyone agrees in this matter; Schools in Turkey are as much aesthetically as architectural than their color constructions. I believe we will improve this a little bit from the outside, even to some extent.

The construction phase was not easy. Because it needed a crane to paint the upper side. There was no crane in this little town. He was close to him, and he was very expensive.

We would have to pay as much as a minimum wage to a stakeout log,

We have been working for a week, not doing what we have done, taking care of it, listening to cold air. We have now darkened our eyes. The crane came, but two days later it broke down and our work was half done. The assistant manager asked the municipality for a few hours and asked for a fire truck. It's hard to believe, but after about an hour he also went wrong. It was not really as easy as it seemed, and we have always been a shuttle flyer between Izmir and Akçaova. We worked 8-9 hours a day and 4 hours a day.

After that, such projects continue. Not only us, but also our other friends who are engaged in the art of graffiti, will sign their work. Each school has its own color, its own design, its own stance, its own style;

We are hoping that students will have a positive impact on education as well as on the inside, and that graffiti will become more prevalent in our country.

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