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medical specialty associations, physician organizations and brings together environmental associations Clean Air Rights Platform (TCP) Turkey attracted attention to the problem of air pollution and the increasing number of coal-fired thermal power plants. According to the description platform in Turkey air pollution it is causing 32,000 premature deaths each year. According to the current analysis of the THH members by the Turkish Thoracic Society all of the illusions except Artvin are dirty according to World Health Organization reference values ​​

In the statement made by the Clean Air Platform (THH), Çanakkale and in particular the problem of air pollution in the Çan district and the attention of coal-fired thermal power plants, which are increasing in number day by day. While Çanakkale was operating three coal-fired thermal power plants until December 2017, the number of coal-fired thermal power plants reached four at Biga due to the commissioning of the Cenal Thermal Power Plant. A total of five coal-fired thermal power plants will work together with the Çan-2 Thermal Power Plant, whose construction is completed in Chiang Mai, where the quality of the air is bad, and which is expected to be commissioned in June 2018. Thermal power plants in Canakkale It will burn 10 million tons of coal. The platform noted that 11.4 million tonnes of coal were burned annually for heating purposes throughout the country. Burning in thermal power plants within the provincial borders of Canakkale will adversely affect air pollution irreversibly.

In the statement made by the platform Air pollution is defined as both carcinogen and the fourth most important health threat by the World Health Organization. In addition to causing fatal diseases such as paralysis, heart attack and heart failure, it also causes impairment in children's lung development with exposure during pregnancy and invites many chronic diseases such as allergic asthma, adult COPD and asthma attacks. 32,000 premature deaths related to air pollution is taking place every year in Turkey "the statement said.

With a population of 520 thousand In the Biga and Chiang districts of Çanakkale a total of 3,245 MW capacity four Total coal-fired power plants while actively working Çanakkale in Biga is causing the increase of Turkey's biggest scrap iron and steel enterprises air pollution. The 330 MW capacity Çan-2 Thermal Power Plant, which is built right next to the 18 March Thermal Power Plant working with lignite coal in Çan county and will use lignite coal, is expected to be commissioned in June. of air pollution Çanakkale 's most important environmental problem that MoEU by published in 2016 Turkey Environmental Problems and Priorities Assessment Report is taking place n. According to a study carried out by the Clean Air Platform in 2017 a total of 16 thermal power plants planned to be operated in Çanakkale in 2017, the PM2.5 pollution in the region between Bandirma and Çanakkale it may increase by 25 percent; the air pollution caused by these plants could lead to an early death of 1,130 per year. of relevant HEAL Turkey Advisor Heather Gacal, " Lignite coal is all the coal pollutants, including a large sector as backing down energy production from coal use in domestic heating, we can not ignore ," he said.

In the Turkish Thoracic Society, Assoc. Dr. Preservation of community health and reduction of illness burden in the region; but it may be possible to control the use of coal for heating purposes, to complete the environmental investments of the existing plants and to terminate new coal-fired thermal power plant projects in Çanakkale . In the analysis we carried out as the Turkish Thoracic Society in 2017, according to the World Health Organization standards, we determined that the air of all our ills outside Artvin was dirty. in terms of value in national legislation, while 52 of the 78 provinces in Turkey (67%) Given that the dirty air, in order to overcome our country air pollution that we should fast acting very clear "he said.

Clean Air Platform, Annex to four coal-fired thermal power plants operating in Çanakkale At present Çanakkale defines air pollution as the most important environmental problem by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization In Canakkale public health and the construction of new coal-fired thermal power plants, which are known to further increase air pollution threatening the ecological balance in all directions, is unacceptable. We demand that all the institutions, especially the Ministry of Health, Environment and Urbanism, should not allow this situation. Canakkale do not stay breathless! "

  Air quality in Chan is very poor in the summer and winter Four air quality monitoring of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in Çanakkale station. Çanakkale According to the results of the station at the center, the annual concentration of pollutant PM10 (particulate matter less than 10 microns in diameter) is above the annual limit values ​​set by the World Health Organization (WHO) to protect human health. In the measurements belonging to Çan District, it is observed that the problem is more serious. PM10 concentration in the bells are at least three times over the years and pollution exceeds WHO limits also limit values ​​specified in Turkey's national legislation. Both PM10 and SO2 values ​​are rising in winter due to warming, while summer and winter season air pollution values ​​are above the limit values. PM10 pollution, border value 32 days, SO2 pollution, border value 57 days were exceeded in the period of April and September when the car was used in domestic heating at least in the summer, which expresses the summer period in Çan.
Lignite coal extracted from the Chiang District contains high pollutant
The coal extracted from the bell zone is highly ash (4,42% (19459006). Çanakkale
It is reported by the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanism in November 2017 that it contains sulfur (36,72%) and sulfur (8,10%), It is forbidden to use coal for heating purposes and to sell it to residents in Çan district of Çanlı Linceite Company. However, Çan-2 Power Plant, which is expected to enter operation in June when working with existing thermal power plant lignite in Çan, will also work with lignite coal.

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