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The carpet field is an area that brings people closer together. Everyone's way falls into the carpet at one point. Inside the street when the child is confronted in the street matches are divided into large sized teams, the carpet field evolves into cultures. There are teams of neighborhoods, even women can play in these games because the purpose is not to make a distinction between men and women young. Soccer-loving, bringing together people who want to stress. Maybe you do not like football, but if you like what you love, you go to them and say "Vura Vura Vura". ReLiga has been a stress area for advertisers in our country for years. It is still so, but now it has changed its name, Crystal Apple ReLiga.

Top Round Apple Da, This is the Name of the League Now Crystal Apple ReLiga

Crystal Apple celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, and this year's event is not planned as a two-day festival in particular. Designing this year's team's plans as a collection of creators and events wherever there is creativity, Crystal Apple. ReLiga also goes into Kristal Elman's radar as an activity that increases the motivation of the sector employees and fosters creativity. So they start the first of many events planned for their 30th anniversary by passing on the first with Re-Liga.

With ReLiga being Crystal Apple ReLiga, there are some innovations as well. For example, Jingle House co-founder, Rebel Moves, will remember you, along with Ömer Ahunbay, preparing a jingle for Crystal Apple Re-Liga. There is also a special ReLiga cup for the winners. And of course, with this union, ReLiga's logo changes.

ReLiga Every year many agencies and production companies are participating. The fixtures are determined according to the team numbers, the groups are formed and the teams are matched. If they are friends of the matchmakers, they will take their beans and drinks to support their teams, set up a tribune next to the carpet field, and support their teams in pankars. Indeed, matches are enjoyable. Matches are interpreted after every match, and if the match is unbelievably exciting, the summary of the match actually goes on social media streams.

We have always been talking about soccer all the time but there is also an orange side of this league that is basketball side. The same innovations apply to the ReLiga Basketball League. Let's see if the excitement of ReLiga will increase with this union, we will all follow the league.

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