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Advertisers' lives are always related to observation at some point. His friend, the couple who always sits on the coffee table on his side, always watches the elderly uncle who is always on the road. Conscious or unconscious is part of his life. Some wonder who said they are occupational diseases. With the ability to observe in the field and the creativity at the desk together, the brands are what they want: good work. Some advertisers are not just advertising. We are also exploring the journeys of new sectors and the old advertiser by changing advertisers' career plans. Now we are with a new series: Advertiser Influencer We do not do both, but we ask the advertisers what they are doing as a hobby. Holy Bayraktar Erhan Çırak Şakir Yildirim Ezgi India Ata Sözütok We talked to Gökhan Yücel and Eren Alphan . Now it is in Onur Kutluer.

Onur Kutluer is one of the witty and pointy personalities of the industry. I do not hesitate to show the honorable personality not only in the sector, but also on social platforms. There are a number of explanations in the series of "Walking without a set " in Kah Instagram, speaking at half-hour in Instagram, in SoundCloud, " Nightwish Talkers and Insomnia ". If you already follow Twitter onuraliben on Twitter you can see. Honor is an advertiser who has worked in many advertising agencies. Onur has 10.4 thousand followers on Twitter. In Instagram, this number is 12.2 thousand.

It is the best time to go without saying too much about our differences on the differences and similarities between being a celebrity on the internet and being an advertiser.

The present stop in Hobbies: Onur Kutluer

What brand names did you work with and did you share with your own account during the time you did not work or work with this brand?

There are some of them, but my summary is as follows; Ford, Coca-Cola, Cappy, Fuse-tea, Sprite, Türk Telekom, Mercedes-Benz.

The issue of sharing changes according to the media. For example, on Twitter, when I have a job I like to say, "Look, I did something like this!" But I do not like sharing ads outside of it.

How does Troll, even with high number of followers on the internet, increase brand or increase compared to ads?

When I stand out from the stereotype of advertising and the mood of traditional advertising, I think the branding increase is huge. With a ton of anxiety, like advertising a television, the money you spend on the internet is turning into a reaction to you. So should I summarize it depends on usage? Recap.

Have you ever used the influencer

It was mostly what happened with the media plan. The idea is to be friends with whom we have a very good montage, but they are frightening very characteristic types of brands. If we have friends who work with brands who read the interview, I say "do not be afraid" to them. 🙂

Would you prefer to share as an influencer ?

I prefer to be a writer, of course. It's not about having an affluent one in my life yet. But yooook "If you want to advertise with your friend, I will want to advertise with you", provided that I write my ad … Yes I say hahahaha!

Is this a good thing Turkey does not have a high number of followers in what is happening in the agency side of expectations from advertisers or expectations?

There was no such expectation in the agencies I work with. It's good not to. But if there is a job that we call " self-promo ", which shows the vision or approach of my agency, I think that I can share it on behalf of reaching more people.

It is inconceivable to share so that the work that has been invested million liras in the media outside it reaches more people.

Does it make it easier to upgrade your followers on the internet?

I think this topic is a bit complicated. It's easy to track an ad if it's counted out of view. Because he plays the whistle that gives the money. But if it's really up to the end, it's hard. If it's a follower, it's hard on its own.

It's hard to be a joke-free phenomenon. But it's not easy to joke about brands. What are your views on this subject as a phenomenon?

If a brand can face itself, it can make beautiful jokes. The brands that are in love with themselves seem to only consume their employees. At this point I give the alter alteroma to the microphone, and he will present us a bunch of his experiences:

What about our logos? The idea is very nice, but will we also put the log? If there was a fixed logotype on the edge of the screen. I know it's pack-shot, but everybody in the film wears it in the color of our brand, at least they know their log. Okay, is the idea intertwined with insight, but with logos? Do you want the colors of your logos to shine? If we were using a "mark" from Logomo? The movie is beautiful, but what if that guy is that guy's log? Is it Logos or is this movie? We know it will not look, but what if we put the log in here? L o May I use it widely, read it?

What happens if you have censors that you put yourself in as your followers get higher?

I understand autocracy, but will there be a logotype? Pardon. This is the subject of "If you start to do something" check, there is no one who does not do it. But if you're worried about losing followers, I'm throwing a "squeeze post" 2-3 times a month to avoid being followed by people who shape me or that I have to keep up with. I made this up myself. I would recommend it to other friends. Everybody does not have to love everybody. We do not have to act like a political party leader and make everyone happy. So I release a "sneaky post" that I think it reflects completely and maybe many people can not find themselves. What a sharp rap clip, a DJ scratching vs. etc. so he does not like the followers who do not like, does not need autocracy.

Onur Kutluer'de A Little Selection

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