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Advertisers' lives are always related to observation at some point. His friend, the couple who always sits on the coffee table on his side, always watches the elderly uncle who is always on the road. Conscious or unconscious is part of his life. Some wonder who said they are occupational diseases. With the ability to observe in the field and the creativity at the desk together, the brands are what they want: good work. Some advertisers are not just advertising. We are also exploring the journeys of new sectors and the old advertiser by changing advertisers' career plans. Now we are with a new series: Advertiser Influencer We do not do both, but we ask the advertisers what they are doing as a hobby. Holy Bayraktar Erhan Çırak Şakir Yildirim Ezgi India Ata Sözütok Eren Alphan Onur Kutluer and Nian Erten were talked about. Now it's time for Deniz Agah.

Deniz Agah is one of the fun and political personalities of the industry. Sea does not hesitate to show fun ideas not only in the sector but also on social platforms and election campaigns. Deniz is an advertiser who has worked in many advertising agencies. With CHP in 2014, "do not skip past" and this is the creative mind behind the good party "Google Adwords" campaigns. In Instagram this number is 10.9 thousand. The "Barricade" campaign, which Deniz conducted with Charles Emir Richards, was one of the most successful Turkish Crowdfunding campaigns. He is also a journalist for Vice Magazine.

It is the best time to go without saying too much about our differences on the differences and similarities between being a celebrity on the internet and being an advertiser on the internet.

Present in the Hobbies: Deniz Agah

What brands did you work with and did you share this brand with your own account during the period you did not work or work?

Since 2009 I have worked with a wide range of brands from Turkish Airlines to Coca-Cola. In 2013, I made a lot of sharing from my own accounts while dealing with the social media of Unilever's Rapid Soup. Their own posture with the brand was similar. In the meantime I do DJing and playing, I do not see any inconvenience in sharing activities from my own accounts.

How does Troll, even with high number of followers on the internet, increase brand or increase compared to ads?

The influencer used with the brand should be talking about the same thing. Some brands can work with influencers and pages that I can see that they are very followers and can harm their communications. The right content in the right place always brings the goal, I believe it.

Did you ever use the influencer

My favorite influencer work, which we used a lot and even trolled, was probably the Smart Solutions project we prepared for Beko. We wanted the Internet's troll influencer to gather up and solve intelligence questions with them.

Would you prefer to share as an influencer ?

I think they can go in parallel. For a brand that speaks the same thing with me, I do not see any problems in writing and influencer .

Is this a good thing Turkey does not have a high number of followers in what is happening in the agency side of expectations from advertisers or expectations?

In other words, not every high-ranking follower is an influencer, whereas most agencies view high-profile advertisers as a channel, wanting to share every business. In order for an account to be an influencer, you need to have a certain level of expertise. It's a horrible thing to think that you're advertising a butcher's butcher's account. And every time I hear the question "Why do not we share our business?" I'm freezing.

Does it make it easier to upgrade your followers on the internet or do you watch ads?

It can be harder to track an ad. When you're out of the woods a little bit, and then you're back on track.

It's hard to be a joke-free phenomenon. But it's not easy to joke about brands. What are your views on this subject as a phenomenon?

The stance of the brand is very much in this regard. If a brand has a serious stance, jokes are of course more difficult to communicate. But Turkey has already match human intelligence humor. Funny guy is smart, funny brand is smart.

Are the censors you put into yourself as your followers get higher? What if there is a mechanism of auto-censorship?

On the contrary, as the follow-up count increases, I feel more like Imhotep myself, and when I want my last followers to build a pyramid on my own, my Twitter account was suspended from complaining.

A Little Selection from Deniz Agah

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Visual: Deniz Agah

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