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The aesthetics of organizing objects can still attract creative entities. This trend, which presents new sources of inspiration to artists and designers, certainly affects the world of advertising and marketing as it is in good demand in social media. Mikkel Jul Hvilshoj food styling project for the brand of kitchen utensils Eva Trio and David Schwen's The Daily Share sandwich material edits Emily Blincoe's sugar and chocolate arrangements working example for brands. Jill Bliss's mushroom regimes were the ones that stole our heart. Kristen Meyer is one of the greatest artists of his materials from the nature.

Powerful compositions with delicate objects

The work of Kristen Meyer consists mainly of natural materials such as leaves, flowers, seashells, egg shells, bark, algae, bird feathers, seeds. But occasionally biscuits and man-made ingredients such as pasta also benefit. The common point of all things is that they consist of delicate or short-lived objects. The arrangements of Meyer also evoke the work of land art from time to time. Meyer's work is a little more fiction. For example, egg shells are not colored as they are.

Kristen Meyer continues to work in New Haven CT, Connecticut, USA. As a multimedia artist, he produces a wide range of works such as flower design, interior decoration, window display design. When you examine the Instagram account it appears that you have done

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