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What is Cereal Herring?

It is a plant with a thin green leaf from a turp family. It is also called as the water terrace. It is a very beneficial plant because it contains plenty of vitamins and minerals. Turtles are usually consumed in salads or consumed alone. When the turtles are cooked, the taste becomes bitter and therefore consumed as raw.

What are the Benefits of the Creeper?

👉 Cranberry contains A, C and K vitamins, folic acid, niacin, choline, sodium, potassium omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. It is also rich in calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, phosphorus and selenium minerals. It is healing against many diseases because it is rich in vitamins and minerals.

👉 The grass is a preventive plant for cancer formation. Especially according to the results of investigations, it has been found that terenin prevents stomach, chest and lung cancer. Vitamin C and folic acid in it play an important role in preventing free radicals in the body. The most basic reason for the formation of cancer in the body is the free radicals.

👉 It also strengthens the immune system thanks to its vitamin C and folic acid. Turquoise protects the body against external diseases such as bacteria and viruses.

👉 Regularly consuming vitamin C restores brain tissue and prevents blood cells from being damaged. This reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease

bol The abundance of caterpillar calcium in calcium is important for dental health. It protects and strengthens the teeth. Calcium is the most important mineral for bone. The abundant amount of calcium found in the terenine prevents bone marrow, increases bone density and helps strengthen bones.

f Folic acid in pregnancy is very important for mother and baby health. It is especially recommended for pregnant women because of the abundant amount of folic acid in the terenine.

👉 The buttermilk has digestion-promoting properties due to its sulfur richness.

👉 If you want to take advantage of all these benefits of terenine, you will have to be from those who are fresh and definitely not yellowing the leaves. It also benefits more when consumed alone, not in the salad.


Cure Truet Cure That Leaves the Smoke – A Great Potion for Clearing the Lungs

Cure, especially recommended for smokers, clears the lungs at an excellent rate.

The only material you need to cure grasses; half a liter of water and 15-20 pieces of fresh watercress.

Boiling water weeds are thrown out and boiled for 3 minutes. It is filtered without cooling and is drunk warm or cold.

You are welcome. I will eat natural food days.


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