About Angelina Jolie You probably did not hear it before 17 Amazing Information

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How much do you know how much Angelina Jolie, every step of the story she has done?

Did you know that a lot of good players have some really strange future habits? HE; A licensed pilot, a good motorcycle user, an extraordinary woman who likes to play with bisexual and bed knives!

Interesting information about Angelina Jolia, probably the most sexy woman in the world, that you probably have not heard before …


Jolie likes to play with the knives in bed, saying that he is a very wild in the bedroom.


A licensed pilot.
The player, who is a tight motorcycle enthusiast, is also a licensed pilot! Jolie, who has been piloting since 2044, has a special license and a private Cirrus SR22 model aircraft


Since childhood, Jolie has a number of snakes and lizards belonging to him, a separate interest for reptiles.


Together with his wife Brad Pitt, he is doing a collection of weapons.


Jolie, also known for his philanthropic work, was elected an ambassador for good in 2001.
The beautiful actor visited the country on the twentieth anniversary and extended his helping hand to those in need


The first photographs of his daughter Shiloh, who arrived in the world in 2006, were taken after birth: $ 4.1 million! …
2008 photographs of twin babies coming to the world in the year are almost three times as many as the other: $ 11 million! …


Jolie is bisexual, who describes herself as "the most famous person to enjoy a woman's admiration."
She describes her fearlessly as bisexual and has had love with Jenny Shimizu and Brad Pitt before she married Foxfire.
"If I did not marry my husband, I probably married Jenny. I fell in love for the first time I saw him. "


She is making a collection of knives.
She also has a battle ax and an African spear in her collection


American born Angelina Jolie, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Cambodian player in Cambodia during the filming of the film, she loved the people and the people. Jolie became a Cambodian citizen in 2004 after many help agreements with Cambodia. He had adopted a Cambodian boy before. He was also honored to become an honorary European citizen because of his sensitivity to the battle for Bosnia, written and directed by Blood and Love.


There are many obsessions about death and blood.
His first marriage was in 1996 with British actor Jonny Lee Miller. Angelina wearing black leather trousers on her wedding day, wearing a t-shirt she wrote with her own blood on the bride's name.
She made her second marriage with actorBilly Bob Thronton.
"Some people think a great jewel is very beautiful, but for me, the blood of my husband is the most beautiful thing in the world."


It is said that his brother, James Haven, has a close relationship with the oddity.
Two brothers kissed in the Academy Awards ceremony in 2000.


Angelina Jolie tells how she feels when someone embraces her, even in an interview that even her mother hugs herself He said he hated it.


Angelina Jolie, considered one of the sexiest women in the world, has been on the list of the world's most compelling women for many decades.


In his left arm, there is a tattoo, which means Tennessee Williams's promise, "a prayer for those who are wild-hearted and taught in cage."


The childhood dream was to become a funeral.


Honorary chivalry title!
This title was received by Queen Elizabeth II in London, on 13 June 2014.


The second name in French meaning "beautiful" is the beautiful actress who prefers to take Jolie as his surname, 2001 In the year he appealed to the court to remove the surname Voight and change his name to Angeline Jolie.

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