A tropical and colorful summer is waiting for us!

With the warming of the air, the colors and patterns of spring summer fashion are becoming clear. This season, textiles and cosmetics are reflected in the designs of many colors and tropical inspired products that reflect the sunshine of many areas.

Dagi Design Director Derya Koç "While the effects of pastel tones that started in the past years have been left behind,

During the spring summer season we will be especially witness to the most colorful and brave combos of women. The high-waist cuts, while racing with female forms, seem to continue to maintain their usual nobility in black color. "

During the summer season of 2018, swimsuits and bikinis that will feature original and tropical patterns on the beaches will offer alternatives to fashion lovers with different forms. Emphasizing that women in the beach-style are now more bold and prefer vamp designs, Derya Koç states that the season will go to free models.

Dagi Design Director Derya Koç

Dagi Design Director Derya Koç, who is presenting the correct bathing suit and bikini model for women related to the beach fashion of 2018, said: "The assertive women who want to shine on beaches; back, hip and chest area with rope details, and women who can not give up the standard models can use the details of jewelery and ruffles in the classic swimsuit models.

Especially this summer beaches will leave the classic model to more bold mayo, tankin, strapless and high waist bikinis.

There are many accessories that we will see in plenty, such as twisted pareos and brooches.