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One of the most enjoyable things in the world is watching the stars. There is no need to be an astronomer, it is everyone's right to observe the stars and planets! It is also important to find the right tools. This year SXSW Tiny1 conquered our hearts by enabling everyone to photograph the sky without being a professional photographer. Nebu is also a kind of design that will flare this passion as a home telescope.

Both decorative and functional

Industrial designer born in Colombia and working in the United States Designed by María Camila Solís Nebu telescope is round like the planets you will observe with it. It is like a sculpture with a stylish design that is compatible with the interior as much as it is functional. His design is inspired by the telescope model Astroscan which is on the market between 1976 and 2013.

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Astroscan (Wikipedia)

A modern touch to Astroscan

Nebu's user experience is similar to Astroscan. The user can move the telescope freely in order to achieve the desired angle and position thanks to the versatile moving guide of Nebu. The globe can separate from the bed. Therefore, the user can take the sphere in his / her lap and carry it as he / she wants, since the user himself can be a base. He is still standing on the pedestal creating a nice image.  A Telescope Like a Sculpture "width =" 1920 "height =" 1112 "/> <img data-expand=

Visual: María Camila Solís