A sustainable alternative to nylon sachets: these sachets are made from plant root! – Greenist

Over one million plastic bags are used every minute in the world, and in the meanwhile only one of these bags is recycled. The rest of us continue to threaten our oceans, nature and animals.


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Two Indonesian social entrepreneurs who set up the company Avani in 2014 set off with the aim of stopping plastic pollution from plastic bags and packages using technology and innovation. With ecoinvasion, they have succeeded in producing bioplastic bags from a root plant called cassava, which grows in tropical climates. These bags, which have the same appearance as plastic bags and do not come back from plastic in terms of durability, are biodegradable 100% in nature.


When they dissolve, the petroleum derivation leaves no toxic substance behind them, and they return to the environment as a compost. Since they have a vegetative structure, even when the animals consume these bags, it is not a health hazard. So much so that the company's founders, Kevin Kumala, cut a piece of plastic bag to prove that there is no harm to health, let it dissolve in hot water, and then drink it!


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