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As the FIFA World Cup closes, the excitement is rising. Just a few days earlier, everyone who watched the Beats by Dre ad, directed by Guy Ritchie, accelerated his heart rate . Before the tournament, at least as enjoyable as the tournament. The BBC also posted a very special ad for the World Cup.

Mothers Touching the Rug

Many important moments have accumulated over the years in a tour that takes place every 4 years. BBC Creative and the BBC Sports Marketing team have also compiled these important moments, and Blinking has gone into a very delicate animation of this compilation workmanship. The BBC's World Cup 2018 promotional campaign portrays the iconic moments of the tournament over the wall carpet. Each spot on the spot is individually processed. All the materials forming 600 individual squares contain 227,000 meters of yarn. "The Tapestry" includes Diego Maradona, Zinedine Zidane, Paul Gascoigne, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Harry Kane.

Nicos Livesey, who directs the film, wishes the viewers to take a journey in iconic moments and remember the "rewriting of history". The BBC Creative team was inspired by the iconic nature of the tournament itself when looking for iconic moments.

The commercial is Filminin music is a traditional Russian folk song called "Ochi Chernye". The song is about merger and friendship. The commercial was posted on Vimeo, behind Filmin's camera


BBC Sport Marketing
Marketing Manager: James Parry
Marketing Manager: John Sprott
Marketing Specialist: Helen Worsey

Media Planning
Campaign Planning: David Wheadon
Media Manager: Marc Jones

Creative Director: Edward Usher
Creative Director: Tim Jones
Creative Director: James Cross
Creator: Edward Usher
Creative Director: Aidan McClure
Creative Director: Laurent Simon
Project Manager Loretta Ramkissoon
Production Coordinator: Emma Hamilton
Planning Officer: Mike Lean


Director: Nicos Livesey
Producer: Alex Halley
Responsible Producer: Bart Yates

Designer: Luke Carpenter
BBC Creative Design Specialist: Laurence Honderick

Composer: Alex Baranowski
Vocal: Sir John Tomlinson

Sound Design – Factory
Sound Design & Mix: Mark Hills & Anthony Moore
Sound Producer: Lucy Spong

Visual: Vimeo

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