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Volvo, the automobile brand that owns the security field, drove a painting market named LifePaint in 2015 . With this paint providing night vision for bicyclists, Volvo aimed to increase the safety of cyclists and reduce traffic accidents. Now Toyota Camry is on the agenda with a study of the world of cycling to explain its safety features.

Southeast Toyota Distributors and advertising agency 22squared, present in five US states, gathered to introduce the New York-based bicycle manufacturer Priority Bicycles to describe Toyota Camry's superior safety equipment. "Safer Bike" is the latest technology bike project under the name of the project; the safety of the biker is on the forefront with increased safety features.

Bike-Integrated Solutions for Camry's Security Technology

In the prototype created, there are many solutions for bike drivers. The added reinforced sensors warn the driver about objects that are too close with a multicolored light panel. The headlight moving up and down as the bike accelerates increases visibility. The equipment used on the bicycle refers to the technology in the car or imitates it in some way. Even the bicycle horn makes the sound of the Toyota Camry's horn.

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The project also has many other supporting activities to raise awareness of bicycle safety. The project, which includes Mike Senese, the Science Channel host, is also talking about what could be done to make cyclists safer on the road. In this way, it is aimed to reduce traffic accidents in which 45,000 bicycles are mixed and 1000 bikers lose their lives. At the same time, Toyota has also reinforced the importance given to "safety" as a brand.

At the moment the bike of the Toyota Camry is just a prototype. But an important example of what can be done to make bikes safer. It is not unlikely that we will see such bikes in traffic in the near future.


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Priority Bicycles:
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Mechanic and Bicycle Design Director: Steve Szejnrok

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