A new smartphone that uses a very specific infrastructure from HTC: Exodus


                                                                         HTC Exodus



Currently, the new smartphone model with the U12 + coming on the line HTC looks like a special smartphone is being developed. This model, codenamed Exodus, is built on block chains as it is said .

HTC the developer of Pixel smartphones continues to work after selling to Google . Now the company, which works on more specific models, seems to do with the beginning Exodus . Officially stated to be in development stage, this phone is built on block-chain infrastructure . For those who do not know the block chain records are linked to each other by cryptographic elements as a continuously growing scattered database. In this structure, the data are not kept in a single center, which means a very serious increase in security.

This infrastructure, which is of great importance to today's frequent attacks, is also behind bitcoin . In the model developed it is said that the universal crypto purse will include cryptographic parallel hardware and decentralized applications. Exodus Among the information coming from phones will generate block-chains the company will also offer support such as "BitCoin, Lightning Networks, Etherereum, DFinity". The company says that it continues to work on this issue, indicating that partnerships and agreements will increase. Meanwhile, you know that Huawei and Sirin Labs also develop their own block-chain smartphones .


What are the HTC U12 + 's technical specifications to introduce before Exodus?

The smartphone power is called the Snapdragon 845 processor and the full 8 GB RAM . With support for microSD up to 2 TB the model comes with 128 GB / 256 GB internal storage. The phone, which is supposed to come with a 6 inch screen and 2960 × 1440 pixels resolution comes with a total of four cameras . The model, which has a 12 + 16 megapixel setup behind it, brings in the F1.5 aperture value.

The rear camera mentioned in the UltraPixel 4 and UltraSpeed ​​AF technologies has optical image stabilization . In the 8 + 8 megapixel dual front camera, optical image stabilization is also offered. With Edge Sense 2 technology, the frame also has the IP68 certificate which can also be compressed for control purposes. The phone, which has details such as dual SIM card, Quick Charge 4+ fast charging technology, wireless charging and NFC, is also very assertive about sound. The model behind the fingerprint sensor adopts a notch-free design. If the phone is a battery, is at 3.420 mAh level.

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