A New 360-degree Mural from Oscar Oiwa into Inflatable Building • Bigumigu

We introduced Oscar Oiwa two years ago, with the wall painting Oiwa Island 2 which he created as an inflated structure in an old factory . The artist again drew a 360-degree black and white drawing into an inflatable vinyl balloon, creating an impressive placement work. So, he spent 120 drawing pens for this mural named "Paradise – Drawing the Ephemeral".

A blank page waiting to be drawn with a wall pencil

Paradise – Drawing the Ephemeral, Oscar Oiwa and 5 assistants working in 2 weeks. Visitor placement such as capsule; covered with dark forest cover, curved roads and high contrast vortices. The artist, who always enjoys the drawing, which he regards as the most basic way of expressing himself visually, also refers to the placement area as a blank page waiting to be drawn with a pen. So the dimensions of the surface to be drawn are exciting instead of scaring him.

Paradise – Drawing the Ephemeral is exhibited in Japan House featuring a modern interpretation of traditional Japanese culture in São Paulo . You can watch the process of making the work to be exhibited until June 3, 2018 on the following video

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Visual: Oscar Oiwa