A Medieval Warrior Was Found Already With a Knife Instead of Cutting the Eli


Archaeologists found a medieval warrior in Italy with a right arm and a hand cut and a denture prosthesis with a knife on its end.

The knife-arm skeleton was found in Povegliano Veronese, an early medieval graveyard dating from the 6th century AD in northern Italy. In this cemetery, there were many adult male skeletons buried with weapons before them. Also here was a pit filled with horses and horses without heads.

However, there was a traumatic injury on the right arm of a man who was here, and the researchers published findings of this interesting scaffolding in the last issue of The Journal of Anthropological Sciences.

The researchers created a three-dimensional model of the right arm, cut by a computerized tomography scan, closely examining the bones and teeth of this old man aged 40-50 years.

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The researchers found that the right arm of this man was cut with an inconspicuous, blunt-tipped instrument, but could not pinpoint why this arm was intentionally removed.

Ileana Micarelli and colleagues, one of the prospects of the research, said, "One of the possibilities is that the appendix has been cut with medical reasons. However, it is possible that the Germanic people who lived in the north of Italy in the 6th century were also lost during a war when the warrior cultures of Longobard were taken into consideration. Or maybe he was tried and his arm was cut as a punishment. "

But what makes this man, who has been able to survive by cutting his arm before antibiotics, even more interesting is having a very unusual prosthesis.

Tooth abrasion and bone lesion. C: Micarelli et al.

Micarelli and his colleagues examined the ends of the forearm bones of the man and found evidence of biomechanical strength: reshaping both bones to form a callus and bony protrusion of the elbow.

Additional evidence that the man was a prosthesis was detected from his teeth and his shoulder. The teeth on the right side of the man's mouth were severely worn out, indicating that he suffered from an infection in the jawbone. The shoulder joint, to which the right arm was attached, was abnormally repositioned. Both of these evidences show that the man is tightening his prosthesis glands with his teeth.

Another proof was that all the other knife-men in the cemetery were standing by their arms and knives, only that this man was in the form of a burial.

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At the beginning of the 1990s, when the skeleton was discovered for the first time, it found rotten organic materials (probably skin) and a D-shaped buckle around the prosthesis over time

This means that a cut on the skin has a leather jacket, a buckle to fasten, and a knife on the jacket, but the goal is not quite clear

Above the man's body, at the end of his right arm, there was a knife. The archaeologists had over it the result that, like Merle in the Walking Dead series, this early medieval warrior was a knife-tipped prosthesis.

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However, given the fact that the bone has improved considerably, it is clear that the man lived a long time after his hand was cut.

The survivor of this Longobard man shows the interest of society, family affection, and the high value given to human life,


" This warrior, in addition to his own peaceful living, has managed quite well with an important community support with the use of a culturally produced device. "

Forbes. Science alert. 12 April 2018.

Article : Micarelli, I., Paine, R., Giostra, C., Tafuri, MA, Profico, A., Boggioni, M., … & Manzi, G. 2018). Survival to amputation in pre-antibiotic era: a case study from a Longobard necropolis (6th-8th centuries AD). Journal of Anthropological Sciences, 96, 1-16.


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