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Apple's February Chinese New Year celebrated with a seven-minute film. The film was shot with the iPhoneX by award-winning Hong Kong director Peter Chan; a film that shows you what you can do with the phone rather than the phone itself. The film "Three Minutes" is seen as a nomination for the Cannes Lions.

Based on a true story, the film is quite different from the animated and frenzied movies we have seen for iPhone X before. It is a quiet, calm, emotional mother and son story. There is nothing unreal or fantastic, just a sweet story about family ties.

We see a mother in Nanning, southern China, who has been forced to make a 6-day train trip to Harbin in the north as she works as a conductor in the film. The woman, who had to work mostly in Chinese New Year, said she could not catch the chance to spend her special day with her son. The mother tells her that she is worried that her son, whom she left for her sister, does not seem to be in good shape and does not make difficulties for her brother.

He also says that he has to act strictly and regularly against him for this reason, and he regrets that it is impossible to leave.

The woman's train; a 3-minute break in the city where his son and sister are, this gives the mother the chance to spend 3 minutes with her son. In such a limited time frame, we are watching the twin try to catch the important moments they missed. While the meter on the top of Filmin is counting down from 3 minutes, the mother and son can meet for 1 minute 44 seconds to finish their period.

Multiplication Table Against Time

After an exciting hug, the little boy starts counting the multiplication table. Although she tells her mother she does not have the time, the child starts from 1; the train is up for the first time and the 9th finishes and smiles with pride. Why the child does it is one of the filmin surprises, a fact he says is a little lie in good faith for his mother.

While the mother and her son waving at each other with the train leaving the station, the camera brings people to the screen. These frames froze and turn into photos taken with iPhone X.

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<h2> iPhone not seen in film </h2>
<p> Note that although the film tells you the tricks of the iPhone X, there is not a single iPhone in the movie. Filmin itself is a testament to what can be done with the camera and applications of the iPhone X. On the microsite <a href= supporting the film there are clues to cinematography as well as images behind the camera.

This emotional film, which has been very popular in China since its publication, has reached more than 37 million views on Weibo. In its first week, it reached 70 million viewers on its social media platforms. It is obvious that this filmin touched the right places in China, a huge country where train journeys are very common. So it can be said that Filmin has a strong influence on Apple, which wants to increase its market share in China.

Visual: YouTube

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