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    Change your "seasons" over your ceiling; Volvo S90 A new line to the borders of luxury with Ambiance Concept [Video]



    The Volvo S90 Ambiance Concept to be exhibited in Beijing brings the user's experience to a whole new dimension.

    Volvo is one of the most important candidates for the leadership seat with its safety equipments and standards in its automobiles. With its developing technology, Volvo has turned its course into a new direction. Competing Volvo is ready to show us that it is aware of the luxury and options that brands like Mercedes and BMW have to offer. The company will open its doors this week The company that anticipates the new project named S90 Ambiance Concept to be on display at the Beijing Auto Show chooses not to give indirect news about features that will be offered for sale in the short term


    User-focused design

    The concept, developed on a special cabin for three people, is based on the philosophy of moving Volvo into the vehicle's ambiance and user experience. Volvo offers a technological ceiling to its users through a technology that brings the Rolls-Royce to mind. Brand engineers who benefit from a virtual reflection that can be controlled via a smart phone are here as an option; Scandinavian forests offer differences such as rain, polar lights, swan lake and island view . In addition to this technology, it is aimed at isolating the user from the outside world as far as possible with premium sound systems added to the headrests of the seats . This interchangeable in-car ambience technology, which we see in many concept projects labeled as automobiles of the future that was introduced during the past year, seems to be widely used before we expect it. We will wait and see.





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    Storm – LG V40

    Evan Blass came up with an important explanation for LG's V40 in the second half of 2018.


    LG announced a smartphone of the V series this year. The LG V30S ThinQ, the upgraded version of the phone that debuted last year, is growing the V family and it is not known if the phone will release a new LG V family phone in 2018. Although the company has announced a phone call from the LG V family this year, we can easily say that the actual phone has not yet been announced.






    Some Significant Changes in the LG G7 ThinQ Confirmed Visual Images



    Evan Blass, who is famous for the leak news, said that the LG V40 is in the construction phase with a share from Twitter account. All other features of the smartphone with code name "Storm" are kept in a great mystery. Now the company that works on the LG G7 ThinQ will start working on the LG V40 code named Storm after the phone to hear in May.

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    Best Vacation Destinations Turkey

    summer holiday everyone worked 50 weeks, one of the most beautiful period of dreaming day and night to enjoy a 2-week conflict. I know. Of all the work you have done, every time you get bored with Google, " where will you go to write ? Where is the most beautiful holiday destinations in Turkey ? "The questions then turn back. Along with the closure of the Heleki schools, everyone wants to go somewhere with their dreams vacation made in the summer months. as your brother one from Fethiye, it dreams of most witnessed "Blogger" guide to who I am, for you Summer Holiday in Turkey prepare a plan, you need to see by myself most beautiful holiday locations list I want to offer your peace.

    But first, here I add my 40-day tour of Turkey, I want you to show in 100 seconds. Do not forget to subscribe to Youtube channel. I publish every market in video on my channel in order to guide you all the experiences I have experienced in all the countries I have visited. By clicking on the SUBSCRIBE button, you can share experiences. Pleasant looking.

    Summer Vacation Holiday 5 Vacation Location

    As you know, I write at the end of every season, even every month where I go Where to Go Previously winter things to do in Turkey Forum in the fall for things to do in Turkey Forum even Weekend Places to Visit I suggest you take a look at the texts one by one. So, if you're dreaming of going somewhere, at least you helped plan ahead.

    Summer Vacation Things to Do in Turkey: Ephesus

    Turkey, I went I do not say that it is the so-called "Yalakalık." There are more or less things in each of our thousands of cities from east to west, from north to south, and even more, not least. But

    Do you go to 18 countries together? Click to view

    In this article, I will inform you more about the summer vacation plan. In fact, the list of holiday destinations in Turkey when preparing to go to places which our cities converge in talking about them, Write things to do in dot will try to summarize. So "go to Fethiye. It's very beautiful. "

    Do not worry. I will describe each point in detail, to give you the summer vacation route . I will even tell you how many days you should stay where you go. 5 favorite holiday places I start with Fethiye, the first stop on the list.

    1- Fethiye

    Turkey's most beautiful to me summer vacation is the route Fethiye, our normally quiet town with 100,000-200,000 people population. But, in the summer, the population of Mediterranean lovers like me falls on roads, especially in summer, almost 3 times.

    As for Fethiye, first of all Amintas (King Tombs) comes out in the city center and the history of the region is smelled. Later, walk along the cord and head to Calis Beach or Little Beaded Cove to watch a beautiful sunset.

    In the evening, a nice dinner is eaten in Fethiye Fish Market, which is located in the city center, perhaps one of the most beautiful fish markets of our country. This is a very different place. Why?

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    I Got Over The Most Difficult Story Of My Life By Wrapping My Feelings In Art

    Every great artist has a closet full of shitty stories of their lives, and those, I believe, are the ones that shape us the most. I got over the shittiest story of my life by learning to wrap my feelings in works of art as self-therapy.

    Show Full Text

    These are some of my stories.

    More info: Instagram

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    The way to inspire others while performing your dreams • Uplifers


    "True joy is experienced when you pioneer and give inspiration and encouragement to someone else in a way that will benefit others." Zig Ziglar

    It is a challenging journey to realize dreams. However, putting achievable goals and taking the right steps in this path can bring you closer to your goals at any time; and keeping the right people around you.

    I am certain that you have been influential in all your life, leading, motivating and giving you the strength to continue when you are tired. These people, whom we can call role models, are always very famous, not necessarily the ones everyone follows. Sometimes one of our parents or family can sometimes inspire us with our role model.

    Let's say you've reached your dreams, what would you do? Do you keep doing something new for yourself, or is it time for you to do something for others? Maybe you are the one who should inspire you now.

    If you want to inspire others while you are on your way to your dreams, and want to benefit others from your experience, there is only one way: to share. Here are the things you can share to inspire others while performing your dreams:


    To share experiences, positive and negative experiences and outcomes with those who can benefit from the steps you have taken on the road to your dreams; it will be one of the greatest sources of motivation for those who follow your trail or are inspired by you.

    HP Specter 's Sure View Integrated Privacy Screen protects your confidential information from smart technologies designed for security, such as the Fingerprint Reader, from curious eyes; secure mode allows you to enjoy and share what you want to share.

    A positive point of view

    Think about the difficulties you have experienced while trying to reach what you want to do. What encouraged you to go further, was not positivity always guarded? Now look at the people that you think you are having difficulty in your neighborhood or need a little more repulsive power: It is possible to give them the power to continue with these people with a realistic but positive approach.


    Imagination emerges as a skill that needs to be developed not only to reach your dreams, but to achieve dreams that are accessible through accessible goals. You can share the dreams you have set up to reach your goals, the power that these dreams have given you, and the way you feed your imagination to inspire others.

    The world's most powerful convertible computer HP Specter brings the power of your imagination to the zenith of performance.

    Imagination meets with superior performance thanks to four unique modes that change the way you produce things from beginning to end.


    If we define vision as "future image", we can say that dreaming is a visionary act. If you are a future image combined with realistic goals and if you take a closer look at this painting, it will bring you closer to these dreams. You can also inspire your vision with your vision, helping to make clear plans for the future.


    The way to be successful is to focus on your goals; your way to your goals without worrying on your way to progress your motivation safari. As you reach your goals step by step, you can share your increased motivation with those at the beginning of this journey, and take stronger steps together

    Versatile With HP Specter it is possible to make everything that comes to mind permanent. With Windows Ink, you can quickly turn your minds into reality, create lists and sticky notes, and straighten all your feelings.


    Perhaps you have been stranded alone, struggling to reach your goals, unable to find strength. But as someone who has accomplished something and inspired you at the point where you are now, you can be a source of courage for those who have not yet faced the challenges of this journey. So you have led people to share your experiences with more determined and clear steps to reach their dreams and to work to do better.


    The sense of happiness, relaxation and peace that you achieve by achieving your goals and achieving what you imagine transforms you into one of the most powerful people in the world. Because you have a dream and then you can pass it on with sure steps … Think of the good feelings that you will experience by sharing and conveying these feelings and inspiring others.

    HP Specter will accompany you to complete your toughest days without difficulty, with up to 16 hours of battery life, HP Fast Charge capability and light-speed Intel Core processor.

    Designed to share: HP Specter

    Breakthrough power, spectacular tactility and image features that move your senses HP Specter ; it brings your imagination to the zenith of performance.

    Almost borderless, 8K pixels, powerful discrete graphics card, 4K micro-edged screen pushes the boundaries of picture quality. The 8th generation quad-core INTEL® processor and the RADEON ™ RX VEGA M graphics card provide a processor and graphics card experience that can do everything from multitasking tasks to the most demanding video and photo editing software. Offered in capacities of up to 2 TB, HP Specter is up to 17 kata faster than conventional notebook hard drives with PCIe®-based flash storage technology.

    This content was prepared with contributions HP .


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    HBO's Amy Adams series high tension frustration from Sharp Objects [Video]


                                                                             Sharp Objects Amy Adams



    HBO is now preparing to face a thriller with a storyline story, which hosts remarkable series like Game of Thrones and Westworld.

    Amy Adams The first publicity shared by Sharp Objects, where she

    Sharp Objects is actually one of the long awaited productions. The work of adaptation of this work, which was taken by Gone Girl and Gillian Flynn, which has attracted attention, started very long ago. The process accelerated with the introduction of Amy Adams as the lead role of Hikayen. Big Little Lies In director Jean-Marc Vallée was on the run after the camera as well

    In the center of Sharp Objects in a small town Camille Preaker is located. Our hero who is experiencing psychological problems is alive and trying to keep up with his work although he is not very satisfied. But the problems he has in his family do not allow him to put his work to work. Camille, a reporter for a small newspaper, is starting to investigate a murder in the town. Thus he finds himself in the midst of complex relationships and mysterious details.

    Designed as a mini-series, Sharp Objects is expected to arrive on the screen in July . The exact date of publication is not yet clear. But you can see the long shared presentation right now.

    Sharp Objects presentation





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    Puerto Rico Provides Electricity to 70%

    In Puerto Rico, more than 1.1 million homes were energized just one day after a darkening of the land of the United States. This number accounts for 70% of the country.


    Puerto Rico, which has not been able to regulate after the hurricane Maria, which had been in the water about 7 months ago, began to wrap the wounds of the electricity interruption that we had in the past days. The Electric Power Agency (PREPA) of the country, which is presently on the subject, said that they are currently trying to deliver a 30% non-electricity service.

    PREPA was aiming to deliver electricity to all people between 24 and 36 hours before the last accident, while the final break was reported to be caused by an excavator. That is because more than 40,000 electricity subscribers have not received energy since the last major hurricane that has taken place in recent years.






    Tesla, who built the world's largest battery, also sent batteries to the victim of disaster in Puerto Rico



    As you remember, Puerto Rico, which had been exposed to a major hurricane 7 months ago, has come to the brink of demolition. Big companies like Tesla have sent hundreds of Powerwall and batteries to the country for help and free testing of their products. Since then, Poto Rico has been struggling with his wounds.







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    How Bangkok City is the Capital of Thailand? ALL INFORMATION

    Bangkok, The most important touristic capital of Southeast Asia region. Even the city that attracts the most tourists in the world. Well, what has happened, in recent years, both Thailand and Bangkok has become so popular? Here, I will tell you every detail that I know as the answer to this question, one by one in this writing. In fact, I will summarize Bangkok nights and Bangkok sightseeing spots for a long time as well. Thailand capital Bangkok There is so much to tell about the city, there are so many things to tell about it … Bangkok travel guide ]

    1.Bangkok'a Start

    When I first went to Bangkok, I chose not to go on a tour, so I could not travel comfortably to my head. I was left inside. I thought that I would go to Bangkok one more time than any other capital of Asia that attracted the most tourists. When I go alone, it is actually the place I saw the real Bangkok.

    One of the places that everyone who wants to see Thailand tour firstly wants to see the capital Bangkok. But if you've never traveled to the Far East before, and you're coming directly to Bangkok, traffic can frighten you a bit.

    But do not worry, you can not hear too many horns in this country even in the traffic density. Everyone is respectful and kind to each other. He also said that because the sewerage system is still clear from the city, be prepared for bad smells especially in the summer!

    Grand Palace – Bangkok

    Respect petition: So much so that on the subway hundreds of people wait in the queue to ride in wagons and nobody goes in front of anyone.

    People are always happy here, even if their income levels are not too high. Life philosophies, I suppose, to be happy despite everything. Actually, they do not say, "It is the country of the people who laugh." Because of the influence of religion and culture, people in Thailand are very gul-face.

    I'm sure you will notice this when you visit Bangkok and meet local people. Of course, the endless sea of ​​blue and the crazy night life are the most important reasons to come to Bangkok …

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    Hello everyone,

    I am here with my favorite product detective videos. Again, I went shopping in line with your wishes and bought lots of products from "Miniso Japan" store. We experience many products from make-up products to skin care products to even storage containers. Do you have any pleasure in trying them out? Do not forget to leave a comment and watch other product detective videos.


    You can follow me on the links below.

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sebibebiofficial

    Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/sebibebi



     resolution: 'standard_resolution'
     feed.r the ();


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    30+ Hilariously ‘Accurate’ Celebrity Portraits By Tw1tter Picasso Are So Bad They Got Him 167,000+ Followers

    If you are a huge fan of Drake or Nicki Minaj, these portraits might make you mad.

    Show Full Text

    “I’ve been drawing since I was zero years old,” Ballpoint Papi aka Tw1tterPicasso wrote on his Instagram page, and his skills are indisputable as he is the mastermind behind these unique pieces of art.

    The real name of the master troll is Corey and he’s from Australia. His style might look childlike at first glance and in a way, it is. Ballpoint Papi uses simple pens on any piece of paper he finds to create his simplistic yet hilarious caricatures of hip-hop artists, athletes, and other pop personalities.

    The hilarious artist has almost 170k followers. “The best thing about this whole thing is when people tell me how they’re struggling with life and come to my page to laugh,” he told XXL Mag. “I get a lot of people hating on my drawings as well, but as long as my page can make people having a hard time happy then it doesn’t matter to me.”

    Take a look at his masterpieces below and let us know what you think.

    More info: Instagram (h/t XXL Mag)

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    Official images and features of Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 emerged


                                                                             Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1



    Asus is in preparation for the Zenfone Max Pro M1 as well as the new series of ZenFone 5 under MWC 2018 . Thanks to Evan Blass, the important details and design of the phone comes out of the antagonism .

    Located on the middle level The Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 has a generally elegant and simple design. The phone, which does not carry a physical home button on its front side, has thin frames from the side, although it is wide from top and bottom. Evan Blass's model with two different color options is behind the fingerprint sensor. Again with a dual-lens camera system with a small module behind it, the model gets its power from the hardware we're used to. At this point the processor side Snapdragon 636 welcomes us. The phone, which supports 4 GB RAM and microSD memory card, also actively supports dual SIM card support. The phone, which is mentioned in the Android One system, is getting ready to enter a challenging market. You know, now there are pretty good smart phone models in the middle level. Especially China-based producers are now pushing the price performance ratio too.


     Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1 "width =" 660 "height =" 371

    "Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1"

    The official phone announcement to be made soon is yet to be found. However, it is expected that all important details will be revealed soon.

    Related Video

    The newest ZenFone family





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    Fortnite Weekend 2 Times Xp Verecek

    Players fighting Fortnite this weekend will receive twice as many experience points as they normally would.


    Fortinet's 3.5.2 update has been released on PS4, Xbox One, PC and mobile platforms. There are 2 new events added to the game after the new update. One of these activities will cause the players to pay twice as much for their labor as the others, which will cause quite enjoyable wars.






    PUBG and Fortnite Share the Trumps of the Real World



    Twice of experience points will last until Sunday, April 22, at the same time as the 50v50 battle mode. The 100 players who enter the game in 50v50 combat mode will be divided into two different combatants, and after a certain period of time they will start fighting. If we talk about the improvements made different from the normal game; they will have full access to their field for 10 minutes after starting the game on both teams. In addition, the exit rates of materials and resources in the game were increased.

    Fortnite will be able to run on new Steam records this week when xp is added twice to this event, which will attract many players. After the number of players has dropped, the weapons appearances and the new PUBG, which adds a new map, still can not reach the desired number. For this reason, Fortnite, which will reach high numbers in action, may remind you that the plaza is not empty by showing its own strength.







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    23-28 April weekly horoscope interpretation

    Astrologer Basak Tanyeri prepared weekly horoscope interpretations for all the horoscopes April 23-28. In High Heels you can immediately read your horoscope and organize your whole week.

    In order to make the best use of astrology's guidance power, we advise you to read your weekly horoscope commentary, which the astrologer Virgo Tanyeri has worked diligently to prepare. Unlike the other horoscope interpretations on the Internet, with positive cues, your life is helping you to abstain from abundance, abundance and health .

    To read your weekly bosom, click on your horoscope symbol;

    Thank you Astrologer Basak Tanyeri for weekly horoscope interpretations!

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    After My Dog Died Last Year I Swore I Wouldn’t Ever Get A Pet Again, Until I Started Taking These Images

    My dog Mustang was my son. Last year he suddenly passed away. My husband wanted us to get another pet so that our daughter doesn’t feel the loneliness we were all feeling in our hearts. But I couldn’t bring myself to loving another pet like I loved Mustang. We were obsessed with him. He was our life and suddenly with him gone, I felt like no one could understand the pain and loss I felt as a mother.

    Show Full Text

    When Mustang was alive, often my clients would come home with their newborn babies and request that I could take one shot of their baby with him. He was such an adorable dog, everyone loved him.

    So when he went away, I started to photograph babies with other furry creatures… it was my way to deal with my loss… or tell myself that in some form, he is still around.

    Taking these images have helped me heal and we are soon going to bring home two wonderful puppies and one of them… we will name Mustang.

    More info: butnaturalphotography.comInstagram

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    Avengers description of fans will be very angry with the Avatar director


                                                                             James Cameron Avengers: Infinity War



    James Cameron who is currently working on the second film of the 5-film Avatar plan and preparing to carry the Terminator series back to the white screen,

    Before the Avengers: Infinity War which will enter the vision this Friday, James Cameron, who directs the Avatar films, came up with an explanation that would turn Avengers fans off. The Oscar-winning director, who is almost king of Titanic and Avatar, is "tired" by the Avengers films . " I hope that we will now reach a satisfying point in the Avengers films." The director continues his words as follows: " Not that I hate movies.


    It's not just for the sake of honesty, the gigantic men who have no parents, they do things that are reasonable to kill for two hours,

    Tired of superhero movies

    Although Cameron says "Avengers movies", it appears that this tab along with the second one is used for all superhero movies . I mean, the famous director is not particularly from Avengers, but Marvel and DC seem to be fed up with the superhero racing on the line. Cameron's outcome is the question of how to react among fans.

    As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the famous director continues to work for the second of the series of avatars which will be formed from 5 films now. For Avatar 2, which is expected to be released this year, it is said that dates have been shifted to December 2020. The other three films are scheduled for 2021, 2024 and 2025 respectively. In the meantime, you can find the first details about Cameron's new Terminator here .

    Related video

    Avengers: Infinity War fragman





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    Man Grows A Garden To Keep Promise For His Late Wife, Gets Heartwarming Help From A “Plant Fairy”

    People grieve in different ways after losing a loved one. Some turn to their family and friends for support, others take up activities that allow them to cope with their loss.

    Show Full Text

    A man from South Texas had an extraordinary relationship with his lovely wife. During their happy 7 year long relationship they kept dreaming about planting a garden together. Unfortunately, their dreams about the future were crushed, as tragedy struck and his wife passed away after falling into a coma. Heartbroken and desperate, this man decided to fulfill his wife’s dream and plant a beautiful garden in her honor.

    As is turns out, gardening is not that easy. It took him hours of google search to get through the preparation of the lawn and planting his first flower. Over the course of a few months, he finally got the hang of how things work. He learned a lot through trial and error, but things started to really pick up when he met a few gardeners and landscapers. They gave him valuable advice on how to deal with the soil he was working with.

    After some time, his new garden began to gain attention. People were stopping by to check on his progress. But one particular stranger stands out in this inspiring story. Passing through the man’s house he couldn’t help but notice the new succulent garden emerging, and the stranger offered to give some plants to the new gardener. It turns out that the stranger’s son was the director of a botanical garden and he had sadly passed away, so the grieving stranger was trying to clear out his son’s greenhouse. A special friendship, between two men who have lost their loved ones, thus began. The stranger would leave his son’s plants at night and the gardener would find them in the morning. The Widower started calling the stranger his ‘Plant Fairy,’ as he would constantly wake up with beautiful new plants left for him in the garden.

    Over the course of a year, he learned a lot, met some incredibly kindhearted people and most importantly, began to feel a little better.

    More info: webmaster3000

    A man from South Texas had an extraordinary relationship with his lovely wife

    During their happy 7 year long relationship they kept dreaming about planting a garden together

    Unfortunately, their dreams about the future were crushed after his wife passed away

    So he decided to fulfill his wife’s dream and plant a beautiful garden in her honor

    It turns out that gardening is not so easy

    It took him hours of google search to get through the preparation of the lawn and planting his first plant

    Things started to really pick up when he met a few gardeners and landscapers

    They gave him valuable advice on how to deal with the soil he was working with

    After some time, his new garden began to gain attention

    A stranger passing through the man’s house couldn’t help but notice the new succulent garden emerging

    This stranger offered to give some plants to the new gardener

    A special friendship between two men who have lost their loved ones has begun

    The stranger would leave his son’s plants at night and the gardener would find them in the morning

    The widower started calling the stranger his ‘Plant Fairy’ as he would constantly wake up with beautiful plants left for him in the garden

    Over the course of a year, he learned a lot, met some kindhearted people and most importantly, began to feel better

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    40th International Symposium on Excavation, Research and Archaeometry Program


    The program of the 40th International Symposium on Excavation, Research and Archaeometry will be held at Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University between May 11th and May 2018.

     excavation results meeting program "width =" 750 "height =" 513 "/> </a></p>
<div class=

    The 40th International Symposium on Excavation, Research and Archaeometry will be held between 07 – 11 May 2018 in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University within the scope of 2018 Troia Year.

    As of 2017, the ministry's board of directors, excluding museum salvage excavations, carried out a research project consisting of 112 Turkish and 29 foreign origin scientific research projects and 94 Turkish and 8 foreign origin research projects. After 2006, Çanakkale Eighteen Mart University for the second time during the symposium will be hosted by permission of the ministry in 2017 in Turkey Turkish and foreign scientists realized by archaeological excavations, is expected to be let on the three hundred on surveys and archaeometric work.

    The symposium, which will be attended by a large number of domestic and foreign scholars from various countries such as USA, Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Holland, England, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Canada and Poland, new information for archeology enthusiasts and students come to the forefront with the opportunity to personally meet relevant people for excavation applications.

    You can reach the symposium program from this link


    He is a graduate of Anatolian University Archeology Department. She holds a master's degree from the Department of Prehistory at Istanbul University. Contact: ermanbu@gmail.com

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    Free battery replacement call from Apple for certain MacBook Pro models


                                                                             apple macbook pro



    Apple launches a recall program to replace the batteries of 13-inch MacBook Pro models without Touch-Bar. You can check if your computer is compatible with this program.

    A battery update on the iPhone models is done with a new update and a short "more affordable" battery replacement program. Another battery problem is living in MacBook Pro models. As you know, the American manufacturer has introduced a special MacBook Pro model with Touch Bar, and the same model has also introduced a non-Touch Bar version to its users. According to the statement, there is a battery problem with the limited edition without Touch Bar, produced between October 2016 and October 2017.


    The company has announced that some of the models have a swelling problem in their batteries and they are calling them back for a change.

    Checking computer suitability for exchange program

    According to the statement made on the site, the program only covers the battery change of the models between the dates we wrote. The company also adds that users who have changed the batteries of the programa's appropriate devices before this statement can claim money. You can check the suitability of your device here . After selecting the country on the left, you need to enter the serial number of the device in the search bar. The serial number can be found by selecting Apple menu> About This Mac . If your device is suitable for change, you can request an appointment from an Apple store or an exchange through a service provider that is officially affiliated with the company.





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    iOS 11.3 Jailbreak Software to be Jointly Developed with Apple

    Jailbreak software developer Min Zheng will work with Apple on software for iOS 11.3


    Jailbreak, designed to allow access to files that Apple does not normally allow, allows you to customize your phone as you like and download many applications that are not available at the Apple Store. However, jailbreak software developed for new operating systems can cause many problems.






    The latest 8 Tweaks for iPhone users who are jailbreaked



    It will collaborate with 3rd person in Jailbreak software which will be produced for Apple iOS 11.3 operating system which wants to overcome this. The reason for this is that Apple does not care about the security of its users. Because the software of the jailbroken devices is usually broken, it does not implement the necessary security procedures and does not offer full security to its users.

    Jailbreak developer Min Zheng confirmed that they would work with Apple in a statement about the topic. To produce a Jailbreak version of Apple's and Min Zheng's collaborative work that will make phones unmistakeable regardless of the procedures that ensure the user's ultimate user safety.

    We can say that the previous versions of iOS 11.0 and iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreaks written by Min Zheng are quite complete. However, they did not have a joint work with Apple, so the new version might be much better than the others.







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    Hair Planting Attracts 60,000 Tourists a Year






             Monday, April 23, 2018, 13:18





    There is a great interest in the plantation operations in Turkey in recent years. World 60 thousand tourists every year dozens of countries, is coming to Turkey to make this process. So plantation Turkey turned in the door for a substantial gain. It is also on the agenda that hair transplantation, which provides a serious income to the country, is transformed into a sector by itself! Those who want to hair will no longer hesitate to turn their route to my country. Tourists who visit both our country and have hair transplantation leave very satisfied.

    More Economic Prices than Europe

    course of this interest in Turkey has a few different reasons. For example, plantation Turkey to mean more favorable prices. Compared to the prices in European countries, it would be enough to allocate a much lower amount in order to benefit from this transaction in our country. Therefore, even those living in European countries not in his own country, prefers to undergo this process in Turkey.

    In the meantime, you should not overlook the high success rates! Because plantation Turkey means the highly successful operations when called. We can say that it is a big demand especially from Middle East countries. We can also say that the expectations for hair transplantation in our country are much better than those done in these countries.

    Greater Cities Interest More

    Those who convert their route to my country prefer Ankara, Izmir and Istanbul, which are the three big cities. At the same time, the desire to visit these cities is an important factor in this. Because tourists who spend their remaining time traveling after having done the transaction, they face the option of more historical or touristic areas in these cities. Therefore, we can say that big cities are a more attractive option for tourists.

    According to the studies they carried out a survey of tourists coming to Turkey before the elections and clinical research also reveals that determine this result. Those who do research on areas where hair can be planted prefer their experience to experienced clinics.

    At this point, we can say that addresses such as www.songulalci.com which are experienced in hair transplantation and which successfully apply the latest techniques such as FUE, are also preferred by tourists.

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    Balık burcu haftalık burç yorumu

    23-28 Nisan haftalık burç yorumunuzu Astrolog Başak Tanyeri hazırladı. Sevgili Balık burcu, Boğa burcunda ilerleyen Güneş bu aralar odak noktanızın kardeşler, kuzenler, yakın akrabalar ve komşular üzerinde olduğunun göstergesi.

    21 Mayıs’a kadar devam edecek bu süreçte bu kişilerle bir arada olmak size güven ve huzur verebilir. Bir araç almayı düşünebilirsiniz. Size sonrasında maddi getirisi olacak bir eğitim de gündeme gelebilir. Salı günü Venüs’ün İkizler burcuna geçmesiyle birlikte bir ay boyunca evinize yakın akrabalarınızı, komşularınızı ya da kardeşlerinizi bol bol davet edebilir, onlarla bolca sohbet edebilirsiniz. Yuvanızda epey yoğun iletişim olacaktır bu dönem. Belki evinizi yeniden dekore etme konusu gündeme gelebilir, bir taşınma konuşması da yapabilirsiniz aile arasında. Kendinizi sıklıkla ebeveynlerinizle uzun sohbetler ederken de bulabilirsiniz.

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    76 y.o. “Babushka of Baikal” Lives Alone In Siberia And Skates Across Baikal Every Day For A Heartwarming Reason

    76 years old grandmother Lyubov Morekhodova from Siberia is not an ordinary pensioner. Despite her old age, she managed to not only survive frosty weather but also gained attention for her skating skills.

    Show Full Text

    Lyubov learned to skate at the age of seven and now she spends her retirement days gliding across one of the deepest lakes in the world – Baikal.

    Retired technology engineer lives in a modest house and takes care of her beloved animals consisting of dogs, a cat, hens, roosters, calves, bulls, and cows. She wakes up at 5.30 am to feed the cows and let them out to graze on a hill. Every day, to shorten the distance, she puts on her skates made in 1943 and glides across the lake to make sure that the cows wouldn’t get lost.

    Since her husband died in 2011 Lyubov lives alone, but she is not lonely. During the summer her grandchildren and nephews come to visit. Even though her family encouraged this fearless old woman to move to the city, she insisted on staying because she claims to be happy and fulfilled living in the midst of Siberia

    Meet Lyubov Morekhodova a grandmother spends her retirement days gliding across lakes Baikal

    Lyubov is used to skating long distances every day

    Her father made the skates by cutting a metal saw and inserting it into pieces of wood which I then tied to Valenki (traditional felt boots)

    After her husband died Lyubov is living alone, although she doesn’t feel lonely in a company of her beloved animals

    The drinking water comes from Baikal. Every day she carries buckets full of water

    Lyubov admits that the Baikal gives her happiness and a good mood

    Lyubov possesses a talent in embroidery and other crafts. Some of her works were even awarded in local competitions

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    1P10S x The Garden of Flowers // The Chloé wardrobe, fashion blog


    Edition 1P10S sponsored by The Garden of Flowers

     blog fashion dress yellow "width =" 1040 "height =" 693 "/>

<p> We could not start the week better than with this edition 1P10S! You know, <a href= 1 Piece 10 Styles exists since October 2011 and we are at our 74th edition. We have taken on the wildest challenges in wearing various clothes and accessories but for the first time in the history of 1P10S, today our piece will not be a fashion accessory. No dress nor bags in the spotlight but this pretty bouquet created exclusively for 1P10S by The Garden of Flowers.

    You probably know the sign The Garden of Flowers that does not go unnoticed in cities with its green and flowery storefront! When the brand contacted us to launch this edition to celebrate the spring, I immediately loved the idea. We were able to vote between 3 different bouquets: the Exotic, the Romantic and the Champêtre. I had voted for the Romantic composed of pink and white flowers but it is the Champêtre that won it hands down! And frankly, even though it was not my first choice, I was completely seduced when I received it. I let you discover it more closely with my outfit of the day!

     yellow long dress with flowers "width =" 1040 "height =" 1560 "/> <img data-expand= Bouquet JDF x 1P10S
    Dress Compania Fantastica (size XS)
    Jacket Mademoiselle R ( already seen )
    Sac Sabrina Paris >> 10% off with the code CHLOE
    Shoes M Mustache
    Vintage Wrap Bracelet





    For my look, I completely let myself be guided by the colors of the bouquet. I inaugurate this pretty long dress Compania Fantastica (my favorite brand which I spoke to you in my video haul ). It's a big favorite with its straight cut, its solar color and its floral print. Only downside, I'm forced to wear it with heels otherwise I would fall down walking (the joys of my 1m54) … But what does it matter, with my pretty stiletto pumps M Mustache is that happiness !

    And the challenge 1P10S what is it?

     1P10S Garden Of Flowers "width =" 1040 "height =" 1040 "/>

<p> For once, there are really 10 eclectic versions that represent the style of each! I'm too fond of Marine's look with her red dress and her little basket to carry the bouquet it was so good! </p>
<p> Do not forget to check out the girls' outfits on their respective blogs: </p>

<p> I hope you enjoy this 100% SPRING edition. If you like our pretty Champêtre bouquet, we offer you 2 on our social networks: <a href= 1 on our Facebook page and 1 on our Instagram account !

    And as usual, do not hesitate to tell me in comment what is your favorite look (even if it's not mine hin, I will not be upset, my girlfriends are so guns) !

    HAPPY Monday!
    xx Chloé

     the flower garden bouquet "width =" 1040 "height =" 693 "/>
<img data-expand=

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    Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom review



    The fairy tale games do not go too far. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WIld was missed by most people because it was a NIntendo Swit game. But now, with NI no Kuni II, everyone is at least able to get lost in a world as freakish as it is.

    If you belong to the lucky minority who could play the first Ni no Kuni, then you already know what an attractive world you have. At that time, we could hardly predict that there would be a very good game in the producer's seat because it was the wonderful company Level-5 we got from Professor Layton and Inazuma Eleven series. However, when it was said that Studio Ghibli, one of the world's most enormous animation studios, would prepare the game's visuals and animations on it, the anticipations reached the ceiling. The game might not have met all of these expectations, but it was still quite qualified. In particular, Ghibli signed images contained artistry far beyond their peers. In this respect, not only the JRPG fans, but also the distant species has attracted attention. Now we have a whole new story in this epic world waiting to discover every part of us …


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