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Some of them are reducing their anxiety by the smell of the 9th, some are destroying harmful particles in the air, or they are releasing oxygen at night. We listed the 9 plants you would like to grow in your bedroom.

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# 1 Jasmine


A study by the Wheeling Jesuit University found that jasmine flower smell helped reduce anxiety.


# 2 Pasha sword


Pasha helps oxygen in the environment by increasing oxygen in the atmosphere by turning carbon dioxide into oxygen. Oxygen-abundant conditions include respiratory problems, headache, and eye irritation.


# 3 Chinese alligator


Helps to filter out dirty air. It is also ideal for bedrooms as it grows easily in low light.


# 4 Aloe vera


Like the pasha sword, aloe vera also releases oxygen at night. In addition, the leaves fall very deep. You can read where you can use Aloe vera here .


# 5 Ribbon flower


In a NASA study, it was found that the ribbon flower reduced air formaldehyde to 90%. In addition, this plant also reduces bad smell and smell.


# 6 Wallflower



In addition to its beautiful appearance, wall clusters are also known to destroy mold fungi that fly in the air.


# 7 Rubber tree


The rubber tree is also grown in plants that both grow well in low light and reduce air formaldehyde.


# 8 Halloween


Hall clover is the easiest plant to grow. Even if you do almost nothing, it grows spontaneously. This plant is on NASA's air purification plant list .


# 9 Areka


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