800 Year Old Child Will Find Modern Relatives of Mummy


DNA testing is being conducted to find the 800-year-old 6-7 year old relative living in Salekhard, Siberia.

The child was buried at the same time as the cold period of the year, which helped to protect her body as well as the cold climate and copper layers. Photographs: Yamalo-Negets Regional Museum and Exhibition Complex

In photographs, scientists are carefully cleaning up the mummy, which includes birch tree bark and copper, which are mummified by a 6-7 year old boy who lived near the city of Salekhard today. A part of this face suddenly appeared, including the teeth of this child's mummy, which had been hidden for about 800 years.

DNA samples from the child will be compared with samples from local Siberian groups to determine whether or not modern relatives are still in the region.

The well preserved remains of the child were discovered in the Zeleny Yar cemetery, thought to belong to a mysterious medieval civilization linked to the Persian Empire, even though it was situated on the shores of the Arctic region

To determine whether or not modern relatives are still in the region, DNA samples from the children are compared with samples from local Siberian groups. Photo: Alexander Gusev

With the help of scientists in South Korea, work continues to revive the child's face. In addition, it was revealed that the child was fed with raw fish.

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