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We also have houses in Turkey that have bad photographs on their property sites. If they want rent for 1,500 TL for the places that look like a cottage, we are reacting because you are robbing them. But we would like to put the same house professional photographer, a little style consultation with a little light and beautiful visuals, put 2,000TL in a joke and house. Would not you like it? See, this story is the story of those who are fully visualized.

This house in Orlando was sold for 8 months in various sites asking the seeker not to agree with the host photographer Harry Lim . And the house was sold out 8 days after new photos were added. Here are those photographs that document the success of the right visual sale:

The first hall

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After the photographer did not touch the hall

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<p> <strong> The first photo of the mutfagi is painful </strong> </p>
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<p> <strong> Photograph taken by the photographer of the kitchen </strong> </p>
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The first row of the table defeated the meal

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