7 Ancient Buildings Re-animated with GIFs


The researchers transformed the seven ancient architectural wonders into glorious states of origin with GIFs, and these magnificent images came out.

Ancient remnants, such as the Parthenon and the Luxor Temple, can teach us very important information about the past. Thanks to the architectural remnants, we can put together what kind of building techniques are used and what kind of information the civilizations looked like a long time ago. Nevertheless, these remnants are incomparable to the realities and historical reconstructions of these architectural wonders are the key to a more comprehensive understanding of the cultures that create them.

In these GIFs made for Expedia by NeoMam and Thisisrender, the seven architectures have been rebuilt in their wonderful original forms and allow us to see how magnificent the remains of today are.

7-Area Sacra di Largo Argentina-Temple B

Rome / Italy. BC 101

6- Sun Pyramid

Teotihuacan / Mexico. MS 200

5 – Milecastle 39 (part of Hadrian's Wall)

Northumberland / England. MS 100

4- Temple of Jupiter

Pompeii / Italy. 200

3- Nohoch Mul Piramidi (Coba)

Quintana Roo / Mexico. BC 100 – MS 100

2- The Temple of Luxor

Luxor / Egypt. 1380 BC

1- Parthenon

Athens / Greece. 432

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He is a graduate of Anatolian University Archeology Department. She holds a master's degree from the Department of Prehistory at Istanbul University. Contact:

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